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Top Things You Need To Know Before Investing In A VR Headset

After Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence here come the next technical big thing- Virtual reality. This new trend took some time to take shape and was not build in a night. If we look back it would come to our notice that with time there has been some or the other kind of inventions when it comes to motion-tracking. Today VR headsets are available everywhere. It comes with versatile sensors, powerful processors and sharp displays. In short, they are going to be awesome.

Today good number of VR headsets is available in the market. Most of them are affordable as well as impressive enough. So in case you are planning to invest in one there are a few things which you should know for sure and what to buy.

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Google Cardboard

If you are new to VR headsets, Google cardboard can be the best for the beginners. The best thing is that it comes with a platform which works well with iOS and Android platform based devices. Again, the device is quite easy to use and very much cheaper compared to others in the market. You can create your own experience by downloading the free Google Cardboard app.


Samsung Gear VR

In a number of ways you will feel that it is similar to the former one. It uses your phone to process and display the visuals. Even though it uses up the battery it offers an amazing experience. The VR comes with straps which make it easy to view as you don’t have to hold it anytime. The straps are adjustable and may feel like ski goggle. For some better deals on it you can make use of Croma coupons. Investing in it definitely a decision because of the fancy sensors it comes in with.

Some things to consider:


Looking for mid-range design can be a good idea. They are a step ahead of the Google Cardboard headsets. Rather than the cardboard look, this one comes with headsets which have tracking sensors, focus wheel, built-in controls and yes a screen. One of the headsets which comes within this price range is Samsung Gear VR. You will also find here others like French Homido device or Zeiss VR. Just by making use of Latest Indian deals you will be able to grab a stunning deal.

Space needs

The headsets in the mid- range are comfortable as well as portable. They are better than the Google cardboard. Again they are devoid of all those worrying cables which give you a major headache. Again, they come with positional tracking which lowers the risks of motion sickness.


After the big names like Google and Samsung coming with VR headsets, now we have a number of small names coming up with VRs. Slowly, more number of brands are expected to come up in the field. If we go for the pricey ones you will have a number of options. You will find options like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and others. Within sometime you will be able to find some more options to choose from.

It is true that VR headsets are going to stay in the market for some more time. This means investing on one can be a better you can make. Again, there is nothing better than enjoying the new visual experience and VRs are perfect for it.

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