Empowerment Alone Can Help Our Women

Provide a Safe Space

When it comes to women’s empowerment, safety comes first. Though society has been pretty much aware of gender equity, it has been seen as lacking in practical terms. Safety is the basic right for every woman regardless of location, education, background, or religion. It serves as the topmost priority in the case of deprived, abandoned, and homeless women. Many NGOs are working towards providing a safe shelter for women.

Empowerment Alone

Train Women to Read and Write

Every woman should have a basic education. If she is illiterate, simple things like phone numbers, traffic signs, or directions become an everyday struggle. So, this should be considered an important factor in empowering women. Teaching women to read is the first step towards their empowerment.

Create Skill-based Work Opportunity

Women are blessed with the multitasking ability. This talent makes them quick learners and helps them stand out. Besides managing their home well, they can always learn income-generating skills. Enroll them in any training program that helps them learn and earn. This way, they feel confident and can easily face life’s ups and downs.


Decision-making Power

When managing the home, women show wonderful examples of decision-making. No matter whether she is a housewife or employed, decision-making is something that can help her go a long way. Lack of decision-making has been observed in women with low self-esteem or those deprived of the family’s love and care.

Creating Health Awareness

Women are less careful about their health. While they can care for the entire family, they ignore their health. Therefore, awareness needs to be created among such women. They should also know about family planning, health care, and reproductive rights. So that when they need it, they can raise their voice against any injustice.

Build Positive Network

Abandoned women need more support, which can be provided by building a positive network. Women have the power to effect change in their communities. Therefore, they should be surrounded by people who boost their self-confidence and esteem, whether at home or outside. Especially deprived women or those suffering from domestic violence need a positive atmosphere. Once they are inspired and confident, they can help others, too.

Creating Women Leaders

The best way to empower a community is to assign a woman. They should be provided with leadership training, which can help increase their presence in public. Many organizations extend hands to help women express their opinions in public. This should be started from home first. Women should be encouraged to attend seminars, participate in protests, and organize community programs.

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