Easy Tips for an Eco-Friendly Nursery

Preparing and decorating a nursery for your baby will be a roller coaster ride, with many emotions and excitement you’ll feel at every step. One wants the very best and everything for their baby. One imagines how their baby will live and play in the nursery, wear those cute fuzzy socks, sleep to sweet hums in the beautiful crib, and so on. While you want the best for your baby, you also want to make your nursery more environmentally friendly to protect the planet and make it a lovely liveable place for your little one. So, here are some tips on decorating an eco-friendly nursery

Eco-Friendly Nursery

  1. Less is more: At this point, you might want to hoard your nursery with every little cute thing for babies. But does your baby need a million items? Go for quality over quantity- it is good for both the planet and your pocket.
  2. Using used: Re-using is one great way of doing your bit for the planet. You can easily find gently used bedding, clothes, furniture, and decor. You could use your old clothes, your older baby, or clothes passed on from family or friends for your baby. You can also find reusable goods on sites like eBay and Craiglist.
  3. Repurpose: You would be surprised to know that a lot of stuff for the new nursery can come from your home itself if you are willing to be creative. A dresser can double as a changing table. Your old laptop bag can be turned into a diaper bag,
  4. Recycle Old products, packaging, broken baby gear- all can be recycled into something useful. To save these for the nursery, ask your family or friends and get creative for your nursery.
  5. Clean Simple: Baby wipes can include toxins and risky chemicals, especially with false fragrances. Cleaning a damp cloth with simple soap and water is best. Even cleaning the bedding and dusting the room avoids harsh cleaners and invests in mild, eco-friendly cleaners.
  6. Shoe-free your home- Making your home shoe-free will leave all dirt, dust, pesticide, and other shoe residues at the door and make your baby’s nursery and the entire house much safer. Keep a pair of soft home slippers for the inside.
  7. Be Informed: While making purchases for the nursery, be well-informed about what you are buying and where you buy from. Read labels thoroughly to ensure only the safest materials go near your baby and they are eco-friendly. Anna Lappe rightly says, “Every time you spend money, you vote for the kind of world you want.”
  8. Naturally, freshen air: Instead of masking odors with chemicals when diapers are dirtied, get a plant to amp up the natural beauty and fresh air in the room and open the windows for ventilation.
  9. Go PVC-free– While all kinds of plastics should be avoided, PVC is the most toxic. Avoid PVC in or near your child’s nursery at any cost.
  10. DIY wipes, washes, and more: Your kitchen is the resource for everything in our house. Kitchen items like olive oil, lemons, and oats can be used as awesome eco-friendly skincare and cleaning products, eliminating chemicals from your baby’s nursery.
  11. A natural setting: The best way to complement your nursery is to have a healthy, beautiful garden in your house where your child can play and get their hands dirty. If space is an issue, consider getting plants and grass for your balcony or terrace. It is best to have some nature around while your child is growing up to teach them the love for their environment and its importance. You could teach your child gardening as they grow up. What could be a better way to appreciate nature than that?

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