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Guided Iceland Tours vs Self Drive Trips | Which is better?

Guided Iceland Tours vs. Self-Guided Tours in Iceland

How guided tours are the best option for limited time

Iceland has become one of the world’s top vacation destinations over the past years, especially with airlines offering great deals regularly.

beautiful Icelandic landscape

Have you already booked your flights to Iceland?

Got your itinerary worked out?

Not yet? Well, that’s where this article is going to come in handy.

Self-Driving Tour

straight road on Iceland

Going around Iceland on a self-driving tour is good for people who know where to go. Going on a self-driving tour, however, also means worrying about every aspect of your trip, including what to eat (you’ll have to cook your food or look for restaurants), where to park (there are only certain areas where one can park) and driving long hours (especially if you’re not used to driving in snow or difficult weather conditions).

tough road conditions during winter in Iceland

The Benefits Of A Guided Tour

Going on a guided tour will definitely help you relax more, focus on, and enjoy the places you’ll visit. Getting to Iceland may be affordable, but going around on your own can get out of hand financially if you’re not careful. Gas is expensive, and you need special cards to fill up. You’ll need to plan and bring your own food before you start the trip. Guided tours in Iceland are still cheaper, especially if you’re traveling alone or with a small group.

travel safe on a guided tour

Joining these guided tours will allow you to connect with other travelers and get you to go to the famous attractions around Iceland, whether you want to or not. When you join guided tours, you are also able to maximize your travel time. You won’t need to worry about wasting time getting lost, looking for parking, and running out of gas. Sometimes, these tours will even get you to the destination faster, so you have more time to visit other places. Joining a guided tour will help you relax and keep the cost down, while you meet other people who came to Iceland for the same reason as you.

abandoned house in Iceland

Guided tours are also good, especially when you arrive in the afternoon in Iceland and want to take advantage of every minute. You can get right on it and book an evening tour already, especially if you have an even tighter schedule.

Packaged Deals

Sometimes, these tours can also offer you great deals by including two destinations in one ride. You get to avoid being overcharged because of the two destinations, and you get even to visit more destinations when normally you only get to visit one.

waterfalls are common view

One of the best reasons, though, to go on a guided tour is they can help you figure out the right place and time to go to see the Northern Lights. Sometimes, the weather doesn’t cooperate and will hide the aurora lights from the people. But a guide will help you navigate the days with the highest chance you’ll get to watch the Northern Lights.

A guided tour offers a lot of advantages over a self-driving tour. A guided tour is not for everyone, yes, but it’s definitely the best option for you to look for convenience, efficiency, and affordability.

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