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Find the Best Shopping Platform for You: Magento versus Shopify

Every shop needs an online presence, so an eCommerce platform must be used. There are many alternatives on the market, but Shopify and Magento 2 appear to be the most popular among merchants. However, if you are new to eCommerce, you probably don’t know anything about them. That is why we will try to present them to you so it will be easier for you to make a choice.

Magento vs Shopify: Which one is better for ecommerce in 2022?


For most businesses, the cost can be the most important factor. This is especially true for small businesses that don’t have that many funds. The good news is that Shopify and Magento are affordable and can be used by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Shopify isn’t that difficult to use, and if you sell basic products, you will discover that it offers everything you need. You can choose the Shopify plan, which costs $79 per month, or you can get the Advanced program, which is available for $299. The first plan will cost you $400 per year, while the second one amounts to $3600.

Meanwhile, Magento works better for merchants who sell complex products or own multiple stores. You can get Magento for free if you use the Open source edition, which is available for everyone. However, you will need to pay for hosting. For this platform, you might also want to hire a Magento developer.


In terms of functionality, Magento offers more than Shopify. However, this also means that it is more complex, so it is quite unlikely that you will be able to use it independently. However, it works better for bigger businesses.

It all depends on the type of store you have and the products that you sell. It all depends on the kind of store you have and the products that you sell. Shopify also has all the functions you might need, but it works better for simple products. The Magento functions are a lot more powerful, and that is because Magento is overall stronger.

Shopify works with simple products and configurable products. Here we can include fashion retailers, for example. Their products are simple, and not many configurations are needed. Meanwhile, Magento can be used for six types of products: simple products, configurable products, group products, downloadable and virtual products, and bundled products.

Themes and templates

Both platforms come with a large selection of themes and apps. Pieces are easy to use, and you can change them however you want. You can also find both free and paid articles. However, you should know that the themes from Shopify are not very customizable, especially compared to those available on Magento 2.

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