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3 Habits That Will Increase Your Safety While Driving

Even if you’ve been driving for decades, there’s still no knowing if or when you could get into a car accident or other dangerous situation on the road. Experience doesn’t necessarily make you any less likely to encounter unsafe driving conditions, so it’s always good to know what you can do to make your time behind the wheel a little safer. Aside from the basic driving rules, here are three habits you might want to develop to increase your safety on the road and decrease your chances of getting traffic tickets.

Reacting To Potential Crash Scenarios

It’s not only knowing what to do if you get in a car crash that’s important for safe driving, but it’s also good to work on driving habits that will help you to avoid potential crash scenarios before they start. Peg Rosen, a contributor to, shares that there are three things you can do that will help you more quickly and effectively react to road dangers before they’re upon you. These actions include watching the traffic ahead of you, avoiding slamming on your brakes, and fixating on clear areas to drive your car rather than oncoming traffic or other obstacles. By knowing tricks that will keep you out of harm’s way while driving, you can steer clear of many potential crash scenarios.

Handling the Elements

While traveling on the roads in ideal driving conditions can be dangerous enough, add any in climate weather into the mix, and you’ve got even more potential for a driving disaster. For this reason, it’s crucial to not only know how to change your driving based on the elements but also to execute those driving plans. reminds drivers that during extreme driving conditions, which can include anything from rain, wind, snow, extreme heat, or extreme cold, you should follow certain rules. Some of these rules include increasing following distance, slowing down to a safe speed, turning on your headlights, and more.


Be a Defensive Driver

The best advice you can follow to be a safer driver on the road is to drive defensively. Defensive driving means you control how your travels go, not the other drivers around you. To be a defensive driver, shares that you need to be looking far ahead at traffic, have an escape plan if something were to go awry, and do everything in your power to reduce distractions. By doing these things every time you step into your car, you will be much more alert while driving.

Your safety, along with your passengers’ safety and the other drivers on the road, should be the most important thing when you get behind the wheel. Use the tips mentioned above to increase your personal safety while you’re driving.

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