Dipping into the Future of Social Media

Platforms for social networking have grown from photo-sharing platforms to take on the role of revolutionizing communications and eliminating boundaries. Many users have made a name for themselves by combining to share ideas and creating brand names using social media. Of course, we are not talking about sites like online casinos, blogs, or ecommerce. Today, to say that they’re an integral part of our lives is an understatement—social media results from the human desire to connect and is also fuelled by technological advances.

Social Media

The Beginning

While Myspace and Facebook were the most popular social media platforms, the underlying technology for these platforms was laid long before. In reality, it was created in 1997 when a social network was launched, Six Degrees, that allowed users to create profiles and interact via the Internet. Six Degrees had a great run until 2000, at which point other social networks began taking over. In 2002, an online platform aimed at connecting professionals with similar interests on the Internet, where they could touch and exchange ideas. This platform is now called LinkedIn.

The Internet increased around the world and, in 2004, over 700 million users were connected to the Internet. That’s when the notorious Facebook began to be launched and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon in a matter of minutes. It was a platform that embraced online chat as well as photo-sharing. It also offered the ability to keep up with your peers even when they’re thousands of miles away. In 2021, Facebook remained in the top spot, with more than 2.85 billion active monthly members. Facebook was closely followed by Twitter from 2006 when it was solely an SMS-based platform for communication. Then, the introduction of Instagram in 2010, Snapchat in 2011, and Tinder in 2012 transformed the social media area into a vibrant ecosystem.

Nowadays, users of these platforms can share, create content, connect and engage on these platforms, and earn a full-time income. Businesses benefit from the ability to place ads on these platforms, and users have established careers on their social media sites.

It’s the Rise of the All-In-Ones

At present, there’s an app for everything. However, all of these platforms are different. Users must use other platforms to connect to their professional group, friends streaming videos, and more. Social media hasn’t got an online platform that can do everything. The platform Blockster is an excellent illustration for the next generation of social networks. Blocker is a social media platform for the crypto world that combines the signature features of the most popular venues in one. Its goal is to bridge the communication gap in the crypto world and ensure the consistent circulation of information throughout the community.

Blocker lets community members make content, share details, discuss various projects, and share ideas all through the same platform. Additionally, it allows cryptocurrency-related companies to promote directly through the medium, which Google and Facebook banned in 2017. One of the most significant advantages is that the platform operates based on their cryptocurrency, BXR, which will add new features for the site, including creators getting monetary rewards directly from their followers through tips.

It also puts Blockster network in a unique position to benefit from the growing users and benefit from the network effect, which is a phenomenon in which it is said that the worth of a product, service, or, in this instance, a network, is increased proportionally to the number of users.

With Blockster growing, as more users join the network, there will be a demand for BXR tokens, becoming the primary payment method for the web. With speakers, advertisers, and users waiting for these tokens, the worth of BXR will rise dramatically, ultimately leading to an increase in this network’s value. The growth of platforms, such as Blockbuster, could result in the social ecosystem creating a seamless experience for users.

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