The Unique Benefits of Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga is its own unique form of yoga that purposefully aims to harness your own energy to bring out the best in you, allowing you to achieve the highest possible state of consciousness. Tantra yoga practitioners subscribe to the notion that the energy which exists in our bodies is that of the universe. To unlock an elevated dimension of being, tantra yoga restores and rejuvenates the cyclical nature of the body, mind, and spirit to move one’s energy from the base chakra levels upwards in a subliminal path.

The idea that tantra yoga is all about having the ability to engage in tantric sex is a myth, pushed by sensationalists. “Tantra” actually means “technique” or “technology.” Authentic tantra yoga focuses on optimizing the human hardware (body) and the human software (mind) to realize harmony and enlightenment. The practice of tantra yoga can be deeper, more profound, and more impactful than other types of yoga. When you explore your own power by cultivating mindfulness, you’ll be able to reap its unique benefits.

The Benefits of Tantra Yoga

  • Tantra yoga enhances overall health and wellbeing with longer-lasting effects.
  • Improved blood circulation promotes cellular function, growth, and production.
  • The integration of stretches, movement, and flow will strengthen and tone the muscles.
  • Realignment and mobility improves spinal health and balance which affect the whole anatomy.
  • It builds flexibility in the fasciae, ligaments, and tendons to eradicate bodily tension and aches.
  • The practice of tantra yoga detoxifies the body to fortify immunity and speed up metabolism.
  • It facilitates bodily repair during recovery from injury or intense exertion.
  • Tantra yoga promotes reproductive health.
  • Increased energy reduces fatigue and affords youthful vitality.
  • Greater endurance allows you to enjoy the activities you love with more vigor and stamina.
  • Tantra yoga works to eliminate mental and physical blocks and barriers that stymie development.
  • Prevailing happiness and euphoria are common results.
  • A calm mental state promotes mental health, relieves stress or anxiety, and treats depression.
  • Tantra yoga helps the practitioner develop a sense of wholeness, hence independence.
  • Self-awareness breeds satisfaction, self-esteem, confidence, and contentment.
  • Mental and emotional strength allows you to confront life’s challenges with more compassion, control, wisdom, courage, patience, and peace.
  • Tantra yoga provides you with a better sense of self, which allows you to forge deeper connections and relationships full of love and intimacy.

The techniques that you learn in tantra yoga will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. When you’re more intuitive of your own space, you’ll naturally become more conscientious in your relationships with other beings. In fact, achieving self-awareness is instrumental in healthily interacting with others. This is how tantra yoga, although not overtly sexual in nature, can also improve one’s sexual health, interest, and performance. Soul recognition, spiritual familiarity, and deeper understanding between people are the real foundations of passionate relationships that bring fulfillment.

The practice uses combined concepts of asana, chakra, mudra, mantra, and bandha to release your innermost energy and move it from your base, upwards and outwards. You can harness and purify this powerful energy to alleviate your own bodily ailments. This authentic practice is as gentle as it is methodical and steady. There is a very low risk of injury, which makes tantra yoga suitable for all ages. You do not need a partner to enjoy tantra. It is an ideal form of yoga that utilizes a harmonious combination of physical fitness, universal connection, and inner strength, allowing you to be more present in the moment whilst generous with oneself and others to live an existence of true bliss.

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