Climb to Superior Health Or Fall “Gracefully” Into Disease

I drove a 1972 Ford Pinto to high school. I stored and waxed it easily but thought I was too busy to test the oil. I allowed it to run low, prompted a few severe harms to the engine, and discovered myself with a car that could now not run. I offered a restored book, went to the junkyard, and took the head from a wrecked Pinto, rebuilding the engine on my vehicle.

During the three days and maximum of a night it took to restore that engine, I could not drive it in any respect.


After I rebuilt that engine and understood how it worked, I used an old-style timing light and different tools to preserve it walking at the highest quality speed—I installed a preservation schedule and fixed it most of the time. I checked the oil with nearly every fill-up, checked the air inside the tires weekly, washed it weekly, and waxed it as soon as a month. The vehicle gave me a top-notch carrier and seemed sharp until I finally traded it for another car. It is odd that with the body temple (which humans cannot exchange for every other on this planet), humans will not normally set up a maintenance agenda to maintain the frame properly and stay with that agenda.

There is a time for us and a time to hold.

The body temple is a device that you animate. You are not your body. However, you’re so closely dependent on your frame, and its fitness can manipulate what you can do bodily and mentally that a few think of themselves because of the structure. Ironically, you are more exacting together with your frame, and you may take higher care of it if you think about it as something cut loose who you are. You will not pay as much attention to starvation, fatigue, or the discomforts of exercise if you consider your body as something you are caring for so you can enjoy and produce extra here on the earth.

Keeping your body functional becomes preserving your principal device operational. Keeping your frame beautiful becomes the present that you deliver to your lover. Keeping your structure pure will become the sacrifice you provide to the heaven you discover on the planet.

If you consider yourself your body, you may find it harder to choose what your body wishes and does not want. You don’t forget extra private and dangerous discomforts that lead to better health and will keep you away from the trials of protecting your health and fall into the rigors of ailment. For example, transient hunger will experience a chance to YOU rather than something your frame has to tolerate because you observed it great. You end up nearly like the supervising parent of your structure.

The bodily, spiritual, and mental giants of all time have taken the time to see the renovation of the body temple on a few sorts of schedules. Since the nonsecular leaders have frequently found refuge and inspiration in the mountains, I name this protection time “Climbing.” This contrasts with the “Falling” into sickness and depression that includes ignoring health preservation. Climbing may mean hiking a mountain to search for an area to wish for. More generally, it will mean figuratively walking to better health by going for a stroll.

Areas to Consider

Considering hiking methods, it is beneficial to consider what desires to be maintained first. Consider a frame without a healthful mind not right. Consider healthy human anatomy and thoughts with an afflicted spirit more or no longer appropriate. For high-quality fitness, the Law is that you must have all 3: body, mind, and spirit. Here is an example of the way cliché originates from the truth. So, something technique the Law of Health dictates should care for those three regions of fitness.


There has to be stability between using a device and being concerned for it–along on foot for a journey and climbing for clean air. Some have a lot of experience tuning a vehicle that makes their dwelling tuning automobiles. But, if they turned their car each day with the overall upkeep agenda of rotating tires, converting the spark plugs and head gaskets, then they might not be able to power the auto-it would always be turned off employing the protection. And here lies an uncomfortable law: while mountain climbing, you cannot be doing it. You cannot concurrently drive your car down the interstate when changing spark plugs. He could not communicate peace phrases to the group when Christ prayed at the mountaintop.

When I became a teenager, I worked two to 3 component-time jobs, went to school, and ran songs. I had places to head. I no longer have time (I concept) to hold my vehicle. You have locations to move and activities and will assume you do not have time to climb to a place of better men’s health. But, the Law of Health is that you ought to take the time to climb, or you’ll fall. However, because you have things to do, you may want to discover the best way to keep your health in the least amount of time possible so you can pass about doing it.

Some are the primary components to take the frame to a nearly high-quality human area. These may be professional athletes or professional fashions. And there are folks that so much enjoy the sports of maintaining the structure that they in no way get around to doing it. There is nothing wrong with looking to discover a place in mind, body, and spirit that few realize. Find the region of notable health, sanity, and energy if desired. It would help if you did this in a way that leaves time for using your frame-temple as the tool it changed into supposed to be.

The Magic Ingredient of Breath

The Law of Health acknowledges that there is a magic component. The whole is more than the sum of the parts. When I saw someone die inside the ER, I should regularly see what became incorrect with the coronary heart or lungs to motivate their life loss. But, there’s an invisible line that, when crossed manner, is the loss of breath between life and loss of life. The breath going into clay to animate it and make it emerge as existence is more than the mechanics and chemistry of the female human body. The more you examine biology, the greater it will become chemistry; the greater you look at chemistry, the more it will become math (I changed into a chemistry/math foremost in college and worked as a chemist before medical college).
Most importantly, the more you look at the math, the greater it will become prayer. Math and chemistry describe and are expected. However, they do not now explain.

There is a regulation, gravity, that asserts objects are attracted to every other with force proportional to their mass and inversely proportional to the gap between them. This regulation predicts and describes; however, it does not explain why two objects must be attracted this way. For extra know-how about the distinction between explaining and describing, you should watch this communication with Richard Feynman (who gained the Nobel Prize in physics in 1965 and helped expand the atomic bomb). Einstein died searching for the “why.” He described his search: “GOD does now not play cube with the universe.”

So, there is not just an order but also a breath, no longer just a “what” but an unexplained and invisible “why” that animates and brings life to clay and more lifestyles when inhaled. Whatever schedule you use to climb to better health must account for this breath and permit you to inhale extra lifestyles into your body temple. Finding this breath may also mean being by myself, being around positive human beings, or being in positive places. But to ignore the inhalation of this breath is to miss one of the advantages of the Law of Health.

Cosmetic is Good

Alternatively, in thinking about the mechanics of health information and the magic of breath, you may feel that you have the whole photograph, and to sincerely try and look extra attractive is a waste. But, consider an excellent racing car with a 16-cylinder engine. Now, think about not washing, waxing, or painting the automobile’s frame. Sure, the paint’s shine has no direct effect on how the engine runs (or so we suppose). But, if you wash your automobile and wax it, you may discover that the engine appears to run higher.

More recently, I have seen some who become stimulated to take better care of the engine after an excellent wax activity. They take a deeper breath when the frame temple seems healthier. Many ladies will cross on diets, like the 3-Day Fat Burn, and devour healthier after the liposuction. When they see all the fat I suction out of their abdomen, they pass domestically and consume greater results and greens.

Of course, some would like the handiest wash and wax the car and by no means positioned oil inside the engine. This does not work either—the healthiest end up the most lovely with the aid of the virtue of their health. The best schedules first don’t forget intellectual and non secular fitness. From this power, the individual looks after bodily fitness.

Then, beauty efforts become the wax process of the finely tuned racing vehicle. Some Catholic monks believe the dark concept is vanity, waste, and a detriment to spiritual hiking, even taking the time to wash. The Law of Health says, “If the temple wherein you kneel to pray will have hundreds of bucks well worth of stained glass and carved timber, then the bodily temple that homes your spirit is worth of beauty care.” Some folks say, “I could alternatively age gracefully.” But, who says such approximately their automobile: “I’m no longer going to scrub or wax or repair that huge dent from bumping right into a pole because I’m just going to let my automobile age gracefully.”

Who says, “I’m no longer going to color my house and sweep the floors because I’m just going to permit it to age gracefully and crumble and rot.”

Yet, many will delightfully say, “I’m just going to let my body parts age gracefully.”


The frame temple is worthy of scheduled renovation that involves an effort to climb to a higher fitness area of thoughts, body organs, and spirit. The mechanics, the breath, and the cosmetics are essential in scheduling.

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