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Erectile dysfunctioning (ED), also treated as impotence, is mainly featured by the inability to develop an erection of the penis during sexual intercourse in human beings. The hydraulic effect of blood is retained within the penis, which generally happens because the brain’s signals to the penal nerves during sexual arousal are hindered. It may sometimes be due to psychological impotence due to unbalanced emotional disturbances. Male fertility test is generally done in scenarios where erectile dysfunction or fertility problems occur. Sperm and semen analysis, along with hormonal evaluation, are checked as a part of this test.


Varicoceles are also checked to ensure any unusual projections of veins over the testicles, which can be corrected using surgical methods. In sperm and serum analysis, the size, shape, and number, along with the movement of the sperm, are quantified to check for any abnormal functioning. In some cases, a second test is recommended to conclude that there is a chance of normal serum and sperm count even in an impotent person, as in certain instances. Even the extra hormonal balance evaluation might help in concluding. Genetic tests are sometimes a means to identify such dysfunctions.


The medical urethral system helps suppress pellets inside the penis, which may have better results than injections. Testosterone hormone normally presents in the body, and antidepressants such as trazodone need not be substituted in any form. Obstruction, anti-sperm antibodies, and low sperm count are the major reasons for idiopathic infertility. The blockage of the passage of sperm or antibodies released inside the body that can harm the sperm before reaching the egg may result in infertile conditions. It is better to get an evaluation from a urologist depending on any specific food or exercise habits.

The following are the major symptoms that characterize this disorder:

Re-iterated inability to maintain an erection

Nocturnal penial tumescence occurs when psychological issues less influence the body during sleep Diabetes mellitus symptoms also sometimes show up in ED treatment a few hours before intercourse to support potency. Alprostadil is also a regular drug to enhance blood flow to the penis, triggering an erection.

Some food products contain active ingredients of a drug called sildenafil, which should be intaken cautiously because it may cause drastic side effects on people who use nitrates to treat chest or heart diseases. It is always suggested to avoid drugs with misleading labels, such as quick relief, sold in single servings or available only online, or tags only in an unknown language. It is mostly suggested to visit a doctor for better advice and follow a genuine treatment without any side effects rather than unthinkingly using over-the-counter medicines whose ingredients and properties are generally unknown to common people.

CloudNine Fertility offers all the best possible treatments to cure infertility disorders using advanced techniques and procedures under medical guidance from expert doctors.

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