Business Payments Increase In Efficiency With Virtual Cards

When you are a business owner, you have done everything you can to keep your company safe physically. Companies implement strict security systems and make sure their employees carry proper company identification wherever they go while at work, but what about protecting your company virtually? It isn’t nearly as complicated as you may think and there are many tools available to keep cyber criminals and theft out of your business.

Virtual Debit Cards

One of the ways to keep business owners and their accounts protected is through the use of virtual debit cards. Virtual debit cards prevent companies from having to use their physical debit cards’ numbers for online purchase. This is done by generating a random number that is then connected to the actual debit card for that particular purpose. They are processed just like a normal debit card but in a much more secure fashion. There are also many other benefits associated with virtual debit cards.

Integration is Easy

Some business shy away from using virtual debit cards because they think it will make the process more complicated and harder to track, but this is actually completely wrong! With just one click, your accounts payable system is updated with the new data and the purchase is approved. Virtual cards can make your life as a business owner easier.

Rewards Programs and Rebates

Traditional cards aren’t the only ones that offer fantastic rewards systems for their customers. Just like traditional cards, virtual debit cards often offer cash-back options. The more you spend, the more you get back! Maybe you’ll want to use the money to throw a company party for your new security integrations.

Can Be Used With Pre-Paid Cards

A lot of companies are using pre-paid debit cards to heighten their business’ security. Pre-paid cards limit how much accessible funds are available by pre-loading the amount into the pre-paid card’s account. Unfortunately, while this may limit the damage a cybercriminal can make on your accounts, it still doesn’t prevent them from stealing the amount that has been loaded on the pre-paid card. When you choose to implement virtual debit cards along with pre-paid cards, you are protecting your company’s assets in a simple and effective way.

Great Ease of Use

Virtual debit cards are no more complicated to use for online purchases than traditional credit cards. Just like with typical credit cards, you just type in the issued number and information and your payment is processed as soon as you make the purchase.

Virtual debit cards are a great idea for your business payments no matter what industry it happens to be in. These card numbers are untraceable and a level of protection that can’t be offered by any other system. Keep your company safe from cybercriminals and theft and incorporate virtual debit cards into your business today!

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