Investing in the Stock Market: 3 Sectors to Keep an Eye On

The only constant in the stock market is its volatility, and while there are stable periods, they never really last for too long. Knowing where to invest and when to sell are therefore the keys to successful stock trading for everyone. In spite of its unpredictability, accurate estimates are still possible though, and on that note, here are three sectors that every investor should keep an eye on in 2019.

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Healthcare was one of the top performers in 2018 and it will continue to be among the best investment sectors in 2019 as well. Considered as being one of the best defensive sectors in the stock market with high prospects for the last decade, it doesn’t really come as a surprise. Healthcare stocks should hold up particularly well during the months of May and October, which are usually the lowest points for the stock market in most years. The booming healthcare stocks are mainly the result of a growing senior population in the country.


We are living in the age of technology, but the tech sector did take quite a heavy beating in 2018, which included giants like Apple and Samsung. While it would be hard to state whether the big names in tech will recover in 2019, stock experts are of the opinion that other, lesser-known tech sectors might be the perfect places to invest your money in right now. What we often forget is that technology is a very broad genre, so the suggestion would be to look at software service providers at this moment, and maybe slightly lesser known names at that.


It may shock you if you are not familiar with the fast-growing cannabis industry, but there is little doubt about the fact that investing in the cannabis sector is arguably one of the best things that you can do right now with your money. Check out the top marijuana stocks according to The Green Fund on their website, where they also provide a very detailed guide regarding which of the marijuana stocks should do well in 2019. Given that Trump just excluded hemp from the list of controlled substances a week ago, it was the perfect ending to a year that saw states and even entire countries (Canada) accepting hemp and marijuana with more readiness than was ever thought possible before. This is a sector that will only continue to expand in 2019 and beyond, so cannabis is definitely the sector to keep an eye on.

Other sectors that did not make it onto the list due to its brevity include telecommunications, energy, aerospace, financials, industrials and consumer discretionary. As we head deeper into 2019, newer sectors might and most probably will also start to show significant improvements, and there are always the underdogs every year in the stock market, but as of now, these are likely the safest bets for anyone looking to invest money in the stock market.

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