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What the SERPs Will Look Like in 2018?

There is no doubt that Google’s algorithms have been updated consistently. Furthermore, Moz’s basic algorithm is updated more than 500 times a year. That’s why we have witnessed tremendous modifications in the Google SERPs (search engine result pages).

This post will tell you what the SERPs will look like like in 2018. Check out the article carefully and make your strategy according to that.

Google SERP Features: The Complete Guide


Undoubtedly, backlinks are used as the main method to rank websites on Google. That means you can rank your site higher by having more links from credible sites. Every site must follow the link-building process to see their website rank in SERPs. Then, it would help if you chose good SEO like, which can get you high-quality backlinks.

It will continue to be followed by Google this year, too, and that’s why you should continue making high-quality backlinks.

No keyword stuffing

Google sets stringent regulations regarding the overuse of keywords, known as keyword stuffing. It is a big blunder that creates a high level of spam. So, if you want to ensure your site remains a good ranking in the SERPs, then we strongly advise avoiding keyword stuffing in 2018.


Loading Time

As we all know, Google works quickly and delivers millions of results within a second. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, there is a great chance that your load times will increase by almost 40%. The pages that load faster are likely to be picked by the search engines.

So, you can improve your rankings in SERPs by decreasing your average loading speed this year.

Targets pay-per-click

The majority of marketers think PPC on the platform is useless. There are almost little to no clicks on the PPC compared to the organic results in SERPs. However, the issue is that a greater portion of Google’s revenue comes from advertisers. They make more than $100 billion annually from this, and that’s why it’s considered their lifeblood. Moreover, the recent updates have also signaled a great focus on the ads 2018.

Lower CTR, even for high-quality content

Over the years, the search results have become pure and crystal clear. Google has started to organize their content and deliver the best results to the visitors. Moreover, it is an equally efficient and effective strategy that greatly impacts the companies that rely on organic traffic.

Several competitors are fighting for the answer boxes

The answer boxes have become a new strategy for the websites to rank higher in the SERP when they don’t rank first organically. That’s why the competition has increased to the same position now. So, there is a great chance that normal ranks will be old-fashioned in 2018, and answer boxes might start to get preference.

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