Barracks to Business: Translating Earlier Acquired Skills To Business

One thing that can be considered a hot topic lately has been hiring military veterans. For some years, this is not something that CEOs kept in mind and believed is the best for business. The general idea is seeking new talent straight from respected universities.

However, there are many pros when it comes to hiring someone who previously served in the Army, for example.

In this article, we’ll pinpoint some of the key reasons why you should consider putting your trust in a military veteran for the job opening in your company.

Embleholics blog), it is a good chance that they deserved them and were presented with those because of their outstanding performance and excellent behavior.


These people’s leadership skills can prove to be really essential for the entire company and influence other associates to push themselves to achieve even better results. Sometimes, people that come from a military background can understand all the obstacles preventing others from being more efficient and productive in their job positions.

Likely, these people can ultimately help by finding ways to improve underperforming employees’ performance.


In the end, keeping in mind everything mentioned above, we can conclude that hiring military professionals can be very beneficial for your company’s performance. You should also keep in mind that most of them start planning for retirement right after they get out of the Army.

Often, these people don’t see the potential of switching to the corporate level and starting all over, building their career outside the military. You will have to be the one that will show them all the benefits they’ll get if they decide to translate their military skills and knowledge into civilian business success.

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