8 Ways for Mature Women to Look More Sophisticated

Just because you’ve reached your Golden Years doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish and sophisticated. Although the trends for a 25-year-old may not be suitable for you, there are many timeless fashion items that look graceful and elegant when you reach the best years of your life.

1.Classic fabrics

Not all fabrics are created equal. Classic, high-quality fabrics look more sophisticated than other options. Choose natural fabrics, such as cashmere, cotton or silk. Avoid man-made fabrics that cling to your body. Not only are classic fabrics more elegant, but they’re also easier to maintain and keep in good shape.

2.Timeless lines

As you mature, your body also changes. It’s important to choose clothing that has flattering lines for your figure. Consider a pair of straight, wide-legged trousers. Tucking in your blouse creates a very stylish look. Pencil skirts never go out of style. Follow the curves of your body to determine which cuts best flatter you.

3.Colourful statements

Being older doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with colour. Instead of opting for busy patterns that may distract from your face, consider dressing head to toe in a single, bold colour. Monochromatic looks are very flattering. Choose colours that pop against the hue of your hair or eyes. If you want to add other colours, you can do so by carrying a clutch or wearing a fun pair of heels.

4.Elegant lengths

A mature body doesn’t need to be covered from head to toe, but it’s also wise not to show too much skin. Leave the miniskirts for university students and opt to only show off a little bit of leg. The perfect skirt should fall either right above or directly below the knee.

5.Form fitted

Too many types of mature womens clothing feel like they can no longer show off their shape. That’s simply not true. Baggy, loose clothes will make you look frumpy. Clothing that is more form fitting creates a more sophisticated look. It will also make you look fitter. Your outfit should hug your curves without clinging to them. If you have any trouble areas, be sure your clothing lightly brushes against these spots without being too tight.

6.Structured outfits

Nothing is more flattering for a mature body than structured outfits. There are several elements that go into a structured outfit, from the material to the cut. Heavy materials hang better and are more likely to keep their shape. A-line skirts and straight legged trousers are flattering on most body types. Add a blazer to create smooth lines. Trouser suits are always a safe, sophisticated option.

7.Statement jewellery

Once you’ve chosen your outfit for the day, don’t forget to pair it with some beautiful jewellery. It’s up to you whether or not you want your accessories to become the focal point of the outfit. Solid colours and modest necklines are perfectly matched with large pendants and long chains. If you’re wearing a busier print or soft materials, it’s probably best to style it with simple, dainty jewellery.

8.Personal style

You are an individual, and you should dress in a way that truly represents who you are. Mature women often forget about their personal sense of style, and this is a mistake. You need to figure out what trends you’re most drawn to and look for pieces that are age-appropriate without taking away your style. Some women prefer to dress more casually, while others are more drawn to classic suits. When in doubt, dress a bit fancier than normal. Every style can look sophisticated.

As you grow older, you become more attune to who you are, and you want to make sure your wardrobe looks flattering without compromising your style. Mature women can dress in a sophisticated manner, and adding a few stable pieces to your wardrobe will ensure you always put your best foot forward.

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