How Hotel Booking Websites Make Money?

Do you think creating a hotel booking website is easy?

We assure you it is not. Following, we are giving some insights for how do these websites work. We will also discuss how they affect your daily life, and what the alternatives are?

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We hope it will help you understand how these hotels make their living!

How Do Travel Websites work?

Travel Aggregators are very profitable, but they only specialize in discounted fares. But how does it work? The Priceline was once a big name in online travel, but it has gone to obscurity for a while now.

This doesn’t mean the website stopped making money. Instead, it does business with subsidiaries like,,,and

The trick is, these major magnates hold several sites. It helps them establish a firm rule in online travel. This dominance lets them offer high discounts from hotels to flight companies. These brands are more than happy to associate with a well-established travel website.

How They Make Money

Whenever someone books their room, the company gets a flat rate. In case the person books multiple rooms, sure they get a discount. This is the keypractice that makes every other company successful is they book a lot of rooms at a cheap rate.

This tactic lets them sell the rooms at less rate than the advertised price. The give the customer a discount and still keep some money for themselves. Another strategy is a commission. Some travel websites charge a commission to hotel companies.

Hotels pay up to 25 percent commission for every sale. This may seem ridiculous but hotels who lack the budget to touch a mainstream audience willingly pair with travel websites. It increases their exposure.

The hotel reaches a wide variety of clients through the website. Last but not last, Travel websites make their living in the old way. They sell advertisement. Many hotels take the online space for ad.


Travel and Booking websites offer the following benefits:

Big Savings

Most booking websites establish influence on the travel market. Therefore, theyhave willingly given the user a big discount. If someone searches for these hotel, you will get a better deal here.


If you search for every hotel, it will take a lot of time. Therefore, log onto a travel website. You will find several options under one roof.You will get bonuses as well. The issue is, travel prices change from time to time.

An Emerging Market

Even though the idea has become old, the niche is proven to be effective. So you better visit a few view sites before making your mind. Doing this will help you make a well-informed decision.


The concept leads to following flows:

Lack of Transparency

We spend considerable time online. This time can help us to find anomalies. There are many examples of how these sites make money with pricing anomalies. In easy words, the site gets dominance over a set price. It helps to fulfill their purpose.

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