How to Become a Personal Fitness Trainer 

As people are becoming more aware of the dangers of obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle, the number of people taking an interest in taking up a career in the health and fitness field is rising. More people are drawn towards becoming specialized personal trainers now. Suppose you are among the people who want a career in this field. Origin is one of the best organizations to join if you want to become a certified personal trainer. OriGym offers all the courses required to become a certified personal trainer. You need to take four main steps if you want a career in health and fitness.

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Level 2 Gym Instruction Qualification:

This level 2 course is also generally known as a fitness instructor course and is the same as the school GCSE level. This test can be considered the first step people take to enter the health and fitness industry as a professional. It is a fairly easy test, and for people who take courses from OriGym and study passionately, this is a piece of cake. They can very easily pass this step in one try. After passing this test, the candidate can work as an instructor in a gym or any other fitness organization.

Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification:

This qualification allows you to be self-employed and work as a private fitness instructor in the UK and many other countries. This course is more challenging than the level 2 course as it is more detailed. The coursework is larger, and it takes more time to cover every aspect. However, most people who appear in this exam pass it very easily. It is at the same level as the A-levels exam and gives you a chance to further your career in the health and safety world. If you don’t have a level 2 gym instruction qualification, don’t worry because you can take both tests simultaneously, which has often proved to be a better learning experience for many candidates. Origin can help you pass this course by arranging specialized classes and ensuring you can easily pass the exam.

First Aid Certificate:

This is the third step in becoming a personal fitness trainer. This is also sometimes referred to as the First Aid at Work qualification. This teaches the instructor what he should do if the client is injured during one of their sessions. This is a certificate that remains valid for three years. After three years, you must ensure that you renew the certification. The First Aid Certificate greatly increases your chances of employment as you become more trustworthy to your client.


Although this is not a requirement by law, OriGym still highly recommends getting personal trainer insurance. If the client receives injured during your training sessions and you don’t have private trainer insurance, you will be responsible for paying for all the client’s medical costs. It would be risky to start your career without insurance because if one of your clients is hurt, you are bound by law to pay for their medical bills and other losses because of that injury.

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