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Important Tips for Buying a Key Finder

Imagine this scenario: you’re in a rush, running late, skipped breakfast, grabbed your bag, and then you realize your car keys are missing. Here’s another common scenario: You come home from work and get locked out because you can’t find your house keys. These are instances when you need a key finder.

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How Frequently Do You Look for Keys?

Do you know that, on average, we spend a total of 3,680 hours looking for our car keys? That is equivalent to 153 days of our lives. That is equivalent to around 10 minutes each day. It costs the country a total of $2.7 billion each year to replace them.

That is a lot of time wasted. That is time you will never get back. The cost of getting replacements is also huge. That is why a key finder is such a useful tool.

Features to Look for in a Key Finder

There are several things to consider when you’re looking for the best key finder in the market. First off, you want something that works. But what you’re looking for is something that you can rely on. It should be a device that will work every time you need it.

You want a quality product—something that lasts long. Sure, these devices are affordable, but you definitely don’t want to keep spending money on similar devices.

People usually look for a tool such as this in a wider or longer range. You don’t know where your keys are, so you need a device to scan the whole house and find it for you.

Remember that each model will have a different range. Some have larger ranges, about several feet more than most other devices. However, keep your expectations realistic.

There is no such thing as a device or item locator that can tell you that your keys were left at the hotel where you stayed many miles away. On average, you want a device that can pinpoint your keys’ exact location within your home or office.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself

There are other factors like cost, portability, and battery life. These are also important to consider. Here is a list of questions you might want to ask yourself when you’re shopping for a key finder:

  • How much is the item? Note that many of these devices are relatively inexpensive, but some premium locators may dent your budget.
  • What type of warranty does the manufacturer offer?
  • How long will the battery last before it needs a charge or replacement? Note that some locators have rechargeable batteries while others don’t. The ones with rechargeable batteries tend to be more convenient.
  • What is its range? Does it scan around 5 to 20 feet only, or can it locate items further away? This is a subjective parameter, and people will want different ranges depending on their needs.
  • How reliable is the device? You need to check reviews to find out how often it works. Note that some locators only work 50% of the time.

High Tech and In Style

Some of these key finders aren’t only practical, but they’re also fashionable and high tech. Some of them come with an app that allows you to use the device without touching it. In case you lose your phone, it doubles up as a phone finder as well.

You might want to go for locators that have more than one wireless connection option, one that has a 100-foot range, and one that has a really loud alert.

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