Avoiding Accidents From Distracted Driving

Car accidents are disturbingly common. Every year over 1.3 million people die in crashes. That’s over 3,000 people a day. Driving is such an integral part of modern life it’s easy to forget that a single mistake can have dire consequences for you and those around you. True, most crashes are non-fatal, but even those bring a sizeable blow to the wallet. It might be time to take a hard look at your driving habits and see if there are any ways you can reduce risks to yourself and others.

Years ago, a driver only had to worry about being distracted by his or her passengers. Cell phones’ advent created a crisis as drivers began sneaking in texts and phone calls while behind the wheel. Even though drivers who text are 23 times more likely to crash than their non-texting compatriots, accidents caused by distracted driving are on the rise.

It’s simple to say that if you text and drive, you need to stop, but most people don’t seem to understand just how dangerous it is. Many states have now implemented laws against texting and driving, but it’s a bit ridiculous how a law seems necessary to motivate behavior in everyone’s best interests.

If you text and drive, stop. If you don’t, be bold about communicating the dangers of it to those around you. Anyone who doesn’t realize that typing a quick message increases the chances of an accident twentyfold is putting themselves and others needlessly at risk. Even the best drivers can be T-boned in an intersection by bad drivers, so helping to spread education about distracted driving reduces everyone’s risk.

On the older side of the issue, a distraction endured as a danger for generations is intoxication. This distraction is trickier to combat as alcohol addled minds aren’t the best at decision making, and one can’t simply stop being drunk. An insidious cause of drunk driving arises when unexpected drunkenness occurs, and the driver feels trapped, funneled into taking a risk to make it home. Thankfully, the frequency of drunk driving has dropped in some areas in recent years. This drop correlates with the rise of ride-sharing services as an accessible travel option for the inebriated.

One preventative method is to commit to the idea of taking alternative transportation if you ever get drunk before getting drunk. In this way, the sober mind makes wisdom easier for the intoxicated mind. If a person has a few too many drinks while traveling after a wearying trip to handle a fear of flying, their only thought might be to take the car they parked in the lot to get home as easily as possible. If they planned, it would be easier to remember to take a taxi at the airport…or even spring for a fancier ride as a reward for making the safe decision.

Distracted driving is an issue that affects everyone. Take care to be wise with your own decisions and be knowledgeable enough to educate others. Your life could depend on it.

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