Anavar legal status in the United Kingdom


Most of the fitness freaks depend on anabolic androgenic supplements for various purposes such as bulking, cutting, dieting, weight loss, pyramiding cycles. Anabolic drugs cannot be purchased as OTC; it is a prescription-only drug. Based on the need, age, goal and other medical conditions only you will be thoroughly checked and administered with the drug by a doctor. So, AAS are such powerful supplements. Different countries abide various legal ramifications about the possession, buying, selling of AAS. When you discuss the Anavar AAS purchase in the United Kingdom, the Country notifies that AAS are legal only for medical use. Not the only UK, most of the countries follow the same laws WITH PRESCRIPTION.

There are umpteen legal alternatives to Anavar and other AAS supplements available with legal prescription with natural ingredients. These legal alternatives do not produce side effects as AAS, but the benefit would be the same. So, if anyone does not find the right source for getting the drug, he/she may adopt legal Anavar alternative which would be easier and safer. Anavar @ oxandrolone is available in the underground labs, black markets without prescription, and for non-medical usage in the UK. It is always considered to be safe between men and women bodybuilders out of its mild androgenic nature. However, the androgenic effect would differ depends on the dosage.

Purchasing Anavar in the UK

As Anavar is a legally available supplement in the UK, you can directly buy it through a pharmacy/legal supplier/online sources to start up your cycle. There are plenty of manufacturers avail Anavar in the online medium and it is important to choose the right person. If you come across the bodybuilding reviews you can get a right direction about the legal, trustworthy Anavar website stores who provide quality Anavar at the best price. If Oxandrolone is possessed or sold without a prescription both the buyer and seller would be sentenced to the UK legal ramifications. It may be fine, imprisonment or other punishments depend on the quantity and quality of the product.



The location of the drug should be monitored keenly and it is better to avoid buying Anavar from India, China, South East Asian countries. Since these countries do not comply strict manufacturing rules, the product may be counterfeit and worthless which in turn wastes your pocket. It is advisable and explained in many bodybuilding forums that it is better to purchase Anavar from North American & Eastern European countries.

The cost of Anavar in the UK

Anavar price is really high and men should take higher doses to achieve their goal than women. Men have to take minimum 50 mg per day where 10 mg pill costs $2-$4, which is really pocket soaring. Women are well doing with 10 mg per day, which could be economically manageable. Human grade Anavar is always good and cost worthy. So, searching carefully and collecting vital information about the supplier will save you from buying fake Anavar products. Always try to buy the original product even though it is expensive, otherwise, go for legal alternatives which would be cheaper than the original.

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