How Crowdsourcing Software Can Help You Launch New Ideas and Businesses

Product founders are driver by enthusiasm and commitment, and they are willing to work very hard to be successful in what they do. They have a business concept, they have the necessary funds, and they have clarified the legal issues. However, the problem then starts to surround marketing. There is no longer; there has been no testing, no customer data, no online shop, no product descriptions, etc. This is work that has to be completed, and fast, but the money is often starting to run out by this time. This is the point where crowdsourcing software may be the solution.

New Ideas

Thousands of People Can Help Through Crowdsourcing Software

Crowdsourcing is made up of two words: the crowd and the concept of outsourcing. It means that a crowd of online users, where each individual has their own intelligence and workforce, is assigned with a range of different projects. A famous example of this is Wikipedia, where people freely contribute their knowledge to an online encyclopedia. Sometimes, these individuals get paid, however, in which case they are known as “click workers.” Clickworkers tend to focus on more creative tasks, with multiple people submitting information, but only the best one receiving payment. This can be used for web research, categorization, tagging, translations, short texts, and so on. Clickworkers are told at the start how much they will stand to earn if their work is chosen, so there are no nasty surprises.


Popular Crowdsourcing Services

Through crowdsourcing software and services, you can ask for the creation of:

  1. Texts, including responses to questions, blog articles, optimization and revision of texts, travel reports, glossary texts, reviews, PC game instructions, software descriptions, SEO and editorial texts, product descriptions, and so on.
  2. Translations of any text categorize content, products, archive data, tagging of videos, images, articles, synonyms, web research, surveys and tests, etc.
  3. Graphic design, including web banner, poster, flyer, website, and logo design.
  4. Solutions for a range of problems such as license-free or cheap vectors, videos, and photographs; images and photos; and search for new ideas, alternatives, and innovation.

So How Does This Work?

To place an order for a crowdsource project, you need to follow the procedures associated with the software platform you are working with. Large projects are broken down into smaller jobs and micro-tasks, enabling people to develop individual solutions for each of these smaller tasks. These jobs then go directly onto an online platform, where the job is processed, and registered click workers or crowdsourcers can work together and resolve whatever the issue was.

Thanks to crowdsourcing, businesses of all sizes and abilities can have their problems solved by real-world users. Best of all, this is done at a price that they can afford. Crowdsourcing truly is the future, enabling businesses to receive a unique point of view.

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