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5 Most Common Causes of Industrial Accidents

Industrial jobs have become difficult and intricate with the rising mechanization and sophistication of the workplace. As such, industrial accidents have become common globally, and some of the worst casualties of all time include the Fukushima disaster and BP’s Gulf oil spill. Thus, industrialization has increased dangers to human life in industries through accidents and injuries.

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An industrial accident is a sudden and unexpected industry that disrupts the work’s systematic progress. These industrial accidents and disasters usually happen due to negligence and incompetence. So, to keep your workplace accident-free, it is important to identify and eliminate the most common causes of industrial disasters and accidents.

1. Human Error and Shortcuts

Taking shortcuts is common in all walks of life as human beings are tempted to get their work done quickly. When industrial employees have been continuously working for long hours, they tend to take shortcuts. This is one of the most common causes of industrial accidents. Employees often ignore safety procedures, which lead to injuries. Industrial accidents also occur due to the lack of knowledge or skill on the part of the worker.

2. Construction and machine handling accidents

Construction accidents account for most workplace accidents and deaths each year. In most cases, workers’ lives could be saved by avoiding the most common causes of workplace fatalities. The common construction fatalities and accidents include falls, getting struck by an object, electrocutions, and being caught in between equipment and things.

3. Inappropriate Safety Training

Appropriate safety training, like fall protection and hazard communication, is vital to prevent industrial accidents. However, many companies either completely skip safety training programs or the training plan is ineffective. Accidents are inevitable, but some risks can be minimized by dedicating time and resources to safety training.

4. Improper Maintenance

Another major cause of workplace accidents is neglecting regular maintenance, which can transform minor problems into fatalities. Industrial accidents are often related to a lack of long-term care, as many companies ignore weathered fall protection, respiratory protection, or machinery guarding.

Unsafe working conditions, like defective plants, tools, equipment, machines, and violations in electrical wiring methods, powered industrial trucks, and uncontrolled hazardous energy, are responsible for industrial disasters. Moreover, proper housekeeping indicates its attitude toward production, quality, and workers’ safety. It leads to more safety and sets a good standard.

5. Other Causes

Apart from all the technical and human causes, there are some other unavoidable reasons, such as climatic conditions and variations. These may include loud noise, extreme temperature, humid conditions, bad working conditions, slippery floors, excessive glare, dust and fumes, workers’ wrong attitude, etc.

Industrial accidents have become common, and these were several reasons for such disasters. However, these are the most common causes but are the most ignored causes as well. However, a professional investigator can determine the actual cause of an industrial accident. The life of workers and the company’s overall well-being depends on awareness, focus, and preventive measures.

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