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Have you composed incalculable applications and still not been shortlisted for an interview? Have you attended an interview and not received a proposition for employment? On the off chance that your answer is yes to any of the two inquiries above, you most likely need to evaluate the procedures you have utilized in this endeavor. Here are some tips on how to increase your chances of getting a job.

Use technology in your job search.

The internet is full of job search engines. These help you identify organizations that are hiring and which of the positions best suit you. Job search sites such as Zoek use intelligent job matching technology to help job seekers start their next career venture.


Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a web-based systems administration apparatus. In contrast to Twitter and Facebook, which help mingle and keep you associated with loved ones, LinkedIn is used more for professional networking. It tends to be used most by graduates and freelancers the following graduation as they are starting looking for career opportunities.

Make a Network Based on Quality Contacts, Not Quantity 

LinkedIn is for business. Your associations ought to reflect who you are as an aspiring expert and comprise professional contacts and references. Here are four affiliations you should concentrate on while developing and keeping up your network:

1. Friends and family

2. University connections

3. People you shared work experiences with

4. Those who you share volunteer and causes with

Make Alumni Connections 

Using LinkedIn’s ‘Find Alumni,’ you can discover profiles of individuals who moved on from your school or college working for the organizations that intrigue you.

When you have recognized and associated with them, they offer an incredible open door for setting up instructive meetings to realize what persuaded them to seek after their professions and how you can all the more likely set yourself up to get a comparable achievement.

Routinely update your LinkedIn Profile and Resume.

Indeed, your new resume is exquisite. Your LinkedIn profile is stunning. If they don’t identify you as an immediate counterpart for a specific job you’re gunning for, don’t be reluctant to alter the wording and switch around key terms. Also, ensure that you update your CV on job search engines that you have subscribed to.

How to stay positive during a job search 
Attend career fairs and other networking events

Whatever your industry, there are likely pertinent career fairs or networking occasions occurring locally. A career fair helps you stay up to date with changes in your field. You will get to interact with real employers and individuals from the industry.


You can’t go through the day consistently searching for work. Volunteering two or three days a week will give you another thing to do, a new point of view, and an opportunity to invest energy with other people who share your enthusiasm for a reason. You could find that if you work hard, another job could come out of this.

Likewise, you may take online courses or go to workshops to fabricate certain aptitudes or learn advances and procedures applicable to your industry. Update your resume as you acquire understanding or achievements

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