InflueNex, A new Influencer Marketing Platform announces 1 – year Free VIP accounts for its first 50 Users

InflueNex, a new Intelligent influencer marketing platform, has been launched to connect brands with the right influencers.


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Why is Influencer Marketing Important?

In this generation of an extreme proliferation of social media, influencer marketing has set the par and become the most preferred way of getting products to customers or potential customers by the patent companies over traditional marketing techniques. Furthermore, reaching out to Generation Z is not as easy as before. They do not follow brands but rather the endorsement and recommendation from their influencer.

InflueNex- A great platform that will help you find the right way to do marketing

While noting influencers’ big influence in marketing products, not all influencers will positively impact your goals. Each product has a different target group, which inspired the design and the creation of the InflueNex. Influence is a great platform where brands and influencers meet their perfect match. Influence is a trustworthy and reliable community with over 100 million YouTube creators and influencers on other social media platforms.


Also, InflueNex is keen on the targeted group, so it employs modern technology to analyze different kinds of data in a visual chart. This visualization maximizes the outreach of your company’s output because an insight conclusion, getting the right influencer, is made after closely analyzing those data.

Moreover, criteria by which influencers filtered using parameters such as keywords to arrive at an effective match. Perhaps, in InflueNex, nothing is treated trivially to land your company’s products on the consumer. Also, this platform makes it easier to contact the right influencer.

InflueNex will have an Alpha Test for Products.

Saying all of what InflueNex can do to achieve the company’s dream is not exhaustive, but here is the cardinal offer you must know. Currently, InflueNex has an offer where a user can run an alpha test for all their products freely. Therefore, for this reason, and during this time, they recruit 50 users through a competitive and fair basis among all users interested in their tool. After recruitment, the lucky users will be fully served with the premium services for free in one year. The privileges they will receive include unlimited product use rights and free upgrades.

Moreover, InflueNex offers consulting services to them and any other assistance they require to better their influencer marketing campaigns. The users will be able to monitor the progress of their business closely and be given relevant recommendations. After this period elapses, they will continue receiving these services fully. Influence is driven by the need to assist every user who dreams of success and wants to revolutionize influencer marketing.

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