How and Why Esports Is Becoming A Legitimate Sport

Esports is quickly taking over traditional sports as the most-watched form of entertainment in the world. Competitive gaming is beginning to draw huge young audiences from all over the world. It has become so popular and widely watched that there is talk of adding it as a potential medal event as early as the Summer Games of 2024. This article will review why it is quickly becoming a legitimate sport.

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1. Live Audiences

Its popularity is The biggest reason for becoming a legitimate sport and something to take seriously. The fact is, competitive gaming draws larger live crowds than a lot of the traditional sports that you will find out there. Tournaments have sold out huge arenas like the Staples Center in L.A. This is something that is pushing to legitimize it as a legitimate sport.

2. Worldwide Appeal

However, it isn’t just live audiences that tune in; millions watch every tournament worldwide. Those who can’t physically go to the location to watch the game or competitive match end up tuning in on various live-streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube Gaming. The amount of people who are interested in competitive gaming is driving a lot of businesses towards it.

3. Advertising Revenue

The biggest thing that drives traditional sports, and many are growing significantly, is advertising revenue from T.V. deals, streaming deals, and more. Regarding competitive gaming, the advertising opportunity is off the charts. There is so much worldwide appeal to the different competitive games that businesses are flocking to the platform to get into the mix. Advertising potential in the industry is one of the significant driving forces towards legitimizing the platform. There is too much money being put into it not to take it seriously at this point.

4. Investors

Another big driving force in legitimizing Esports is the investors entering the arena. A lot of different traditional sports owners are buying up Esports teams themselves. This legitimizes it as a real sport because traditional sportspeople invest in the industry. They are buying up teams in various leagues, driving a lot of exposure to it ,and making more and more investors interested in getting involved with Esports when it’s in its inception. This is a big driving force because major teams are buying their groups, including but not limited to the Philadelphia 76ers, Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Lakers, and Los Angeles Clippers, among others.

5. Streaming Platforms

Along with all the money flowing through the industry as a whole. Another big driving force behind legitimizing Esports is that many gaming streaming platforms, such as Rivalry, pop up and draw millions of people every day. Twitch became so popular and so widely used that Amazon bought them out. Twitch is now one of the most popular platforms for entertainment, specifically among younger people. Additionally, YouTube’s gaming-specific platform Yo,uTube Gaming, drives even more viewers. People generally love to watch others play games, which is becoming more socially accepted in modern society.

6. Viability

Another big thing driving this type of growth is that it is quickly becoming increasingly viable. The limits of technology always hindered competitive gaming. Nowadays, with innovation occurring at a breakneck pace, entry barriers are becoming less and less. Because more people than ever before have access to high-speed Internet, it is quickly becoming feasible to not only have people playing against one another in competitive matches on various games and various platforms, but it is also becoming more and more possible to reach a global audience with high-speed streaming services like Twitch and more. The viability has made it a legitimate option for seeking out different forms of entertainment.

7. Fun Factor

The fun factor is another big thing that comes with it and its growth. Many people entering their early twenties and thirties are generations that grew up playing video games. This is the first generation that has grown up playing them. Therefore, the market is expanding because these are the most profitable to advertise for businesses. Because this generation grew up playing the games themselves, they understand the fun it is to play video games, but they also have fun watching other people play them because they did so when they were younger. Many people are tuning in because it is a lot of fun to watch when you are interested in video games, to begin with.

Overall, many different things are driving the legitimacy of Esports as a traditional sport. As noted previously, money is the major driving force. It has become such a lucrative industry that businesses, investors, and advertisers drive growth at an alarming pace. They are pushing harder and harder to legitimize it as a sport, and major networks are tapping into its potential. As noted, ESPN, a worldwide leader in sports and entertainment, is beginning to show Esports on the big stage and in their prime time slots.
Along with this, other major networks are also tapping into the potential. Because of the investors that have entered the stage, many are flocking to the industry to invest in it while it’s still in its infancy stages. It is simply the next big thing and will become a legitimate sport before you know it.

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