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The Creative Uses for Gas Struts

Sometimes it’s the simplest creations that make a big difference in life. The humble gas strut is one of these. You may not have noticed them before, but they actually work very hard to keep you safe, and when you know where to look, you’ll see them everywhere.

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So, let’s have a closer look at how they work and some of the creative places we’re likely to find. It might even inspire you to find places around the house where you can fit your own!

How Do Gas Struts Work?

Gas struts (also known as gas springs) have an internal pressure system that provides a push or pull force. They also contain a dampening circuit that controls the speed of motion, making it a safer action. This is particularly useful when it’s something heavy that’s open and closed regularly.

If you’re not convinced you’ve seen these before, here are some of the different uses for gas struts that you may not have noticed. You’ll be surprised at how many different applications the gas strut has in our everyday lives…

Car Boots and Doors

Conventionally gas struts are used to keep the boot of your car lifted when it’s open. You’ll notice the soft opening motion and the stability once it’s fully open. Well, some of the world’s best supercars also use gas struts to help with their innovative and world-leading designs.

Take the CC8S supercar by Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg as an example. The design is famed for its lightweight carbon fiber doors that gently open 90-degrees upwards with just a touch. Well, it is gas struts that enable them to do this. Also, in the luxurious Mercedes SLS AMG, gas struts support the impressive eight-cylinder engine, helping to keep its balance and preventing it from shifting around and coming into contact with the supercar’s body.

Attic Stairs and Windows

Those hard-to-reach places like the attic stairs or roof lights use gas struts to ensure your home stays accident-free. The struts are attached to the door and the ladder opening frame for your attic stairs, ensuring that there’s a controlled motion when the attic stairs are pulled down and cushioning the downwards spring.

For windows that open outwards, like roof lights, the gas struts help keep them open without the need for fitting extra parts. If you want to do something creative with your windows, you can use gas struts to create a big serving hatch style window in the summer – the struts can hold a significant amount of weight, and you can trust them to stay open securely.

Cabinet Doors

Similar to how they’re used on attic windows, gas struts can hold open any cabinet doors in your kitchen or living room. For doors that open upwards, the struts will enable them to lock into place safely and securely, so you don’t have to worry about them suddenly snapping shut and causing an accident.

Struts like this are particularly useful in caravans or other compact spaces where you often have to fold shelves and beds up and down to optimize the space. Gas struts are critical in this set-up, and you can buy tailored ones specially designed to hold these kinds of weight.

So there you go. Gas struts can be found everywhere! Transform your home and add a little extra safety to your windows, cabinet doors, and attic ladders with a simple gas strut. They can hold various weights and can be used for plenty of different purposes around the home. Just enquire in any DIY shop what type of strut is best suited to your project, and you’ll soon be admiring them with every push of your windows or doors.

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