4 Tips to Buy the Most Attractive Bridal Jewelry

Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day, and what can be a better way than adding an astonishing piece of bridal jewelry to achieve this? From wedding ring sets and pendants to earrings, the choices are endless when it comes to jewelry for brides.

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Picking up the right kind of jewelry is as important as your outfit. Wearing accessories instantly adds glamour to your dress. So, whether you prefer an elegant look or are inclined towards something bling, choosing the right jewelry would help you stand out from the crowd.

Read through the following tips to land up with the most exquisite bridal jewelry pieces –

Think About Your Dress

The biggest confusion among the brides while purchasing the jewelry for their special day is whether to wear it in silver or gold. This can be sorted by looking at the fabric and embellishments of your wedding gown carefully and go ahead shopping with these basic rules in mind:

Subtle Jewelry Looks Chic

While the number of jewelry pieces a bride wants to wear is her personal choice, she should be careful about not going overboard with it. If it is your wedding day, you would like the guests to look at you, not the shiny bits of jewelry you wear.

Moreover, it can make your dress look too busy and result in an unlovely appearance. So, always take the minimalistic way and opt for statement pieces instead.

Let the Neckline of Your Dress Decide

Along with matching your jewelry with the fabric and color of your dress, you should consider your dress’s neckline while choosing a necklace to avoid looking odd or ruining the overall beauty of the gown.

A standard necklace works fine for a V-line dress, whereas a strapless dress, a choker, or a shorter necklace is a better choice. For a gown with an ornate neckline, you should invest in a pair of statement chandelier earrings and some beautiful fresh flowers in your hair tied in a bun.

Jewelry Shopping shouldn’t stress you.

When buying jewelry for your big day, there are obvious reasons to be overwhelmed. However, don’t let it bother you to the point where you lose your face charm or land up with an impulsive purchase.

Take your time shortlisting a few pieces, and then pick one that you would love to wear in the future as well. When in confusion, go for simple pearls or diamonds, as they remain in style forever. Don’t invest in any jewelry lying around idle after your wedding reception.

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