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Tired of Doing Car Security the Old Way? Try These Steps Instead

“The cars that sell the best get stolen often. Most luxury cars are not stolen, and most stolen cars are not luxury.”

For the longest time, cars have been available to humankind, and they have always sought protection. People value their vehicles the most. What we value, we must protect them at any conditions.

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The security measures provided by manufacturing companies have excelled over the years. From simple doors locks to locks with alarm and GPS tracker, technology has played its part in the evolution of car security. Gone are those days when car security was something that relied primarily on humans. Now, with technological advancements, we have evolved new ways of securing our precious vehicles.

If you are still new to technology and wonder what new ways of car security are, we have got you covered.

Here are some technological advancements in car security:

Car Theft Deterrents

It includes basic things, such as:

  1. Car Alarms: Basic idea behind fitting a car alarm is that it can call for attention any time when an unauthorised person meddles with your car. Modern cars usually come with a pre-fitted car alarm.
  2. Steering Wheel and Gear Locks: They are sturdy metal lock systems which prevent usage of steering wheel and gears when your car is sitting idle.
  3. Window Etching: It includes placing vehicle identification number (VIN) which can be tracked anywhere. It is situated on windows and doors to improve car security systems.

Car Immobilizers

They come into play whenever someone tries to start the car without a physical key. There are many ways of inducing car immobilisers which help improve your vehicle’s security system.

  1. Transponder Fobs and Key: Vehicle equipped with such feature will not allow the car to start if a proper key is absent.
  2. Fuel Disablers: If a car is in any unwanted situation, it is designed to cut fuel supply to the engine, which will make it difficult to start the vehicle.
  3. Kill Switch: It is typically for preventing the vehicle from starting. A kill switch can be installed in different ways in your car.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

It is the most advanced form of car security where you can track your vehicle’s current location with the path travelled. GPS tracking systems are the most common form of a vehicle tracking system. The system offers various features which can be utilised to protect your car from any situation. Some tracking systems come with additional features such as a camera setup, which helps locate your car accurately and recognise its surroundings.

Even if your car gets stolen, the GPS tracker in your vehicle will update you of the current location status. Luxury cars often come with pre-installed GPS systems, whereas conventional vehicles require extra installation.

Today, GPS trackers are not merely navigation devices, they are much more. One GPS tracking tool available in the market that offers various features is KENT CamEye. It offers features like a digital map, tracking system, alerts for perimeter breach, cloud data storage, live-streaming, and more.

Try a New Way of Car Security with KENT CamEye

KENT CamEye is all things security. It has a dual-camera setup for front and rear to record videos and provide live-navigation. The face recognition feature of KENT CamEye will give an instant alert if an unknown person sits behind the driving wheel. It provides alerts in the form of text messages, emails and alarms.

Apart from providing car security, it can also be used for providing safety to your loved ones who use the car. For instance, if your kids are chauffeur-driven, the device will allow you to live-stream their location and journey status.

New ways of car security and safety like KENT CamEye provide a sense of security of your car, and your loved ones travelling in it.

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