5 Traffic Ticket Myths

Making even a single mistake while driving can result in a traffic ticket. Once all the fees are applied, you could have to spend several hundred dollars to pay it off. You can contest any Orange County traffic ticket in court, but you have to dispel any myths you might have about the process. You do not want to base your red light ticket defense around misguided beliefs.

Myth #1: Red Cars Get More Traffic Tickets Than Any Other Color

When you buy a red car, you may automatically assume you also have to ask yourself, “Where is a speeding ticket lawyer near me?” While many people believe red cars will garner more tickets, there is no scientific data to support this claim. The most likely basis around this myth is that red cars are easier to spot, so cops could have an easier time pulling one over.

Myth #2: Your Case Is Dropped If the Officer Makes Any Error on the Ticket

Even police officers make mistakes. The cop who pulled you over may make a typo on the ticket, but that does not automatically mean you will win. If the officer messed up the street name, description of the vehicle, or identity of the driver, then your case will most likely get thrown out. However, if the officer used a wrong number or made a small typo, it would not be enough to get your case thrown out.

Myth #3: Your Home State Will Not Find Out About Tickets in the Other States

All states participate in the Interstate Driver’s License Compact. That means all states will forward to one another any traffic tickets people who live in other states receive. You may come out to Orange County on vacation and end up with a speeding ticket on your way to Disneyland. You think you are in the clear because you will leave in a week, but you still have to deal with it.

Myth #4: You Can Contest a Ticket If You Claim You Went With the Flow of Traffic

You may think it is okay to speed as long as everyone around you is speeding, too. However, this is not a valid defense in court. The officer just happened to pull you over out of everyone else.

Myth #5: The Ticket Gets Dismissed If You Do Not Sign the Ticket

The officer should have you sign the ticket after writing it out. If the cop forgets, then that does not mean you are off the hook. The officer may hand you the ticket to sign, and you think you can refuse. This will merely agitate the officer, and you do not want angry cops when you are seeing him or her again in court later.

By familiarizing yourself with traffic ticket truths, you can be better prepared in court. You can also do a lot of good by hiring a traffic ticket attorney to represent you. They know the law inside and out and can build a valid defense to drop the charges or lower the amount you have to pay.

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