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Your Real Estate Networking Handbook

While making it in the real estate world is based a little bit on “what you know”, “who you know” is way, way more important. As with any sales job, the people you’re selling to don’t want to feel like they’re being sold something; they want to feel like you’re their friend – an affable pal who just happened upon this incredible house listing. That’s right, unlike studying to become a doctor or an electrician, there are aspects of the job that go way beyond technical knowledge and rely purely on your personality and your ability to socialize. If you have a solid moral compass and generally don’t steer people wrong, this will go a long way as well, since a bad reputation can ruin your business.

For this special post on successful real estate networking, we’ve gathered together some of the top ways to infiltrate the right markets, without coming off a sleazy salesman. Play your cards right, and you could be the real estate king of your city in just a few short years:

First off, just to keep things in perspective, you should inventory all of your relationships to figure what kind of resources you are already working with. You have people in your inner circle; people with whom you have solid relationships; acquaintances; and finally, people in your sphere. The individuals in each of these groups warrant at least one call a year, up to four calls a year to see if you can lock down a referral. There’s a correct amount of pressure to apply depending on the group – you want to come off determined and competent, but not pushy and sleazy.

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At first it can be very difficult, many people who work in real estate are protective of their contacts, so don’t get discouraged to soon – most agents only close a couple of deals their first year, which is why so many realtors get advance commissions or part time jobs. Like anywhere else in life, patience is a virtue in this case. If you are stressed an anxious, this will be apparent to the prospective client, and it will not make them feel more relaxed.

In this day and age, social media should be a huge part of how you market you houses, as well as your personal brand. It’s not a bad idea to post the odd picture showing that you have some interesting hobbies (waterskiing, cooking, dog-walking), just don’t overdo it on the selfies. If people find they have something in common with you, it will increase the likelihood that they will want to do business with you. Common ground goes a long way, so don’t hide your personality, let it shine.

Social is especially useful because it allows you to share pictures of the actual house across many different platforms. Don’t take poorly lit, out of focus pictures, with a decent smartphone you should be able to take some quality shots that hi-light the good qualities of the space your selling.

Basically, the key to good networking is to put in face time, be patient and consistent and connect the dots through phone calls and social media.

Stay hungry agents, it’s a crazy world out there.

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