How to Accelerate Your .NET Application Development

In today’s world of multitasking and getting tasks completed faster and on or before time, the developed software and/or apps need to be very agile and robust in all terms. Not only that, it must be dynamic, must have architecturally simplified design and/or framework, and be stable across all platforms. And so, .NET provides a suitable and easily configurable platform that can cater to all the aforesaid needs. But certain things must be done and/or kept in mind so that the developed app based on the .NET platform reaps the desired result and does justice to the valuable time, capital, and other associated resources put to use behind the cause. Thus, enlisted below are ways in which one can easily accelerate one’s .NET Application Development.

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  1. App Caching
    Caching plays an important role in accelerating the ASP.NET application development. One can easily implement application caching while making a database call to retrieve records. If the website uses the cache feature, it can easily download and save the cache data when requested for the first time. Thus, the existing data will be processed at a much faster pace upon being requested the next time as it won’t involve any downloading of the data but the mere recollection of it from its store.
  2. Optimization of Images:
    Especially on blog-based web platforms, images are essential elements, but they also undeniably consume a huge part of the current memory. In such cases, one can optimize the images or any such content so that the web page/pages can load faster at a given speed. One can use add-ons such as Visual Studio image optimizer and the desired application to optimize the images used. Also, to ensure a faster pace concerning the web pages, one can select Lossless or Lossy image optimization options, keeping in mind that the smaller the image, the faster the web performance.
  3. Using Sprite Images
    To make websites attractive, appealing, and user-friendly, the best way most websites opt is by the use of visually stimulating images and vibrant image icons and/or cards. In fact, it is a proven fact that users understand the concepts better when backed by images associated with them. It cannot be denied that if any of the web pages have excessive images and that too those which are of higher resolution order, it will take significantly more time to download the image and thence the page. But there’s a way out, too, and that is where Sprite Images’ role comes. They combine multiple images into one single entity and load them together to injust a single download, thus saving time and data consumption. Thus, a Sprite Image Generator needs to be installed and added to the MVC application for using this feature.
  4. PackagedJavaScript / CSS Files:
    In general trends, developers create applications and software filled with alluring designs with JavaScript and CSS. Again, if multiple CSS files are active on a web page, it would take a much longer time to download and thence for the page to load. This is when bundling can package all the JavaScript and CSS files into a single combined entity, which will load faster than multiple files. The feature minification can also be conveniently used to remove all the spaces all over the JavaScript and CSS files. To make such features possible, one needs to hunt for BundleConfig.cs in the App_Start folder in the ASP.NET MVC project and define bundling and minification for it to come into play.
  5. Using AJAX Frequently
    AJAX helps to fasten certain tasks on the website, such as downloading data asynchronously that is not immediately required, such as Accordion (Collapsed Panel) and tabs. However, the use though frequent but shouldn’t always be there with too many AJAX requests. It is prescribed only when required to load more data while the user is scrolling or doing secondary tasks as there seems no logic in bringing in all the data together when the user isn’t scrolling.

.NET in today’s world is thus the most convenient platform to use and/or venture into. It is in high demand and is also well paid. But certain things need to be kept in mind to help one’s journey of .NET Application Development be smooth.

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