How Will Facebook’s Changes in News Feed Affect Your Business

If you haven’t heard it yet, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company was making major changes to the news feed to make it family and friends’ friendly. This, he said, is in a bid to make the world more connected. While you will see more posts and updates from your friends, you will see a reduction in the number of promoted content, ads (even the helpful ones), and any brand published content.

While this means that Facebook will be a family-friendly medium of communication, and an actual social media, rather than a business advertisement and social networking platform, businesses that have, for the income tax lawyers who have relied on Facebook for free advertisements, know that you are no longer the center-stage on Facebook. Here are some of the changes and their effects of the changes:


Explore Feed

Instead of viewings ads from companies you love and hate on your newsfeed, you may have to check them out in the Explore Feed. This is a good replacement for advertisers and brands because Facebook isn’t planning to phase out Your Business Page.

Bringing People Closer Together

This was the subject of the news feed change by Facebook. To bring people closer together, Facebook plans on prioritizing content. For this, it will push to the top of your news feed content most likely to spark a meaningful discussion. You will see more of the updates from your aunts and friends instead of videos and articles by showing less public content.

Organic Reach

All these changes come about because of Facebook’s limited news feed space. You will only see business related information if it sparks meaningful conversations. As an advertiser, you will have to up your game. The least you can expect your followers to do is adjust their newsfeed using the “See First in News Feed” feature.

You can get anything as close to organic reach by sharing more content to help your audience and spark conversations. How-to videos, news, and posts may get a place on the newsfeed if you have great content.

You have to create very engaging content.

You may look at these upcoming changes as Facebook’s way of asking you to come up with top-quality and highly engaging content. Unfortunately, the listicles (10 Best or top 20 articles) will be on the sidelines – these are called engagement-bait articles. Your followers will only see your content if it makes their lives better. Work on creating the kind of content that creates positive discourse among Facebook users.

Increased competition

Can we all agree that the Facebook news feed was becoming an advertiser’s playground? With the expected changes, you will have to compete for that space.

That isn’t everything; you may have to focus on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Other options include Groups, Instant Articles, Sponsored Messages, Audience Networks, and In-stream videos.

With posts on your articles, advertisements, and memes expected to reduce significantly on Facebook’s news feed, you will have to change your marketing strategy, especially if you have relied on Facebook advertising for the longest time. Regarding personal time management, this change couldn’t come to you at a better time.

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