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Why Is Silence In fans Important

Fans are something that we cannot live without during summer. They cool us down and help us to survive those scorching Indian summers. Having said so, it is pretty much something that we hardly think about unless there is a need. However, in today’s time, fans are not just for cooling us down. In fact, they have become an integral part of home design and décor these days. And that is where the premium fans come to rescue. While aesthetics is important to consider, it is also important to check that the fans operate silently and do not make much noise.

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People usually do not focus much on the noise, and it is one of the biggest mistakes they are making. Silence in fans is extremely important. However, if you are wondering why it is important to have silence in fans, then let us guide you through about it:

Why is silence in fans important?

We all are surrounded by noise pollution, and there is no doubt about it. And as we are already aware of the fact that noise pollution can damage our eardrums. Hence it is always good to be in a noise free environment.

However, when it comes to fans, well most of them make a weird noise. It is usually due to air cutting and in other cases, the displacement or wear and tear. Although, the noise may not seem annoying but in the long run it is extremely harmful, and you should get rid of it.

Noisy fans also interrupt while we sleep. Since sleeping is one of the essential parts of our lives and interruptions to it may cause serious health issues. The older people often get disturbed by fan noise and fail to get proper sleep. Hence, as a result, serious health issues cause to them. This is why you should get a silent fan.

Even it causes so many other issues, and it creates a disturbance when you are listening to your favorite music or watching TV. Or having a conversation with someone a noisy fan is a bucket of issues.

However, when it come sot silent fans, the market does not seem to have a lot of options. But thanks to Orient Electric for their Orient Aeroseries Fans. You get a noise free environment along with a premium touch.

Overview of the Orient Aeroseries Fans

Orient Aeroseries fans come with an aerodynamical design that focuses on providing high air delivery of 300 CMM while running pretty silently. Highlight of this range are the recently launched Aerostorm and Aerocool premium ceiling fans.

The aircraft inspired winglets of the fans are designed to minimize the vortex around the fan blades which gets created because of air pressure. As a result, you these fam run silently along with a powerful air throw to cool you down. The fans come with a sweep of 1320 mm.

In addition to that, the fan blades are 100 per cent rust free and are made from high grade glass filled compounded ABS which offers strength to them.

In addition to that, the fan comes with a seamless design and a gloss premium PU finish to add to the overall aesthetics. This gives the fans a premium touch.

What do winglets and aerofoil design do?

As we do aware of the fact air pressure at the wings of the aircraft makes a vortex and drag. And in such scenarios, the winglets of the aircraft come to rescue by reducing the vortex.

Orient Electric Aeroseries fans use the same principal. The vortex usually gets created because of sudden air pressure, and as a result, we get to see vibration on the blade and air. As a result, it generates noise.

But when there is a winglet, it helps the air with a path, so it can flow from high pressure zone to low pressure zone. Hence the level of vortex gets lowered down to the blades, and you get no noise.

Orient Electric took inspiration of the fans from the aerofoil design of the aircraft wings. Also, the air delivery of the fans depends on the air velocity. This means if the air thrust is high, you will get a high air delivery.

Here is a quick look at the top features of Aerostorm and Aerocool fans:

Top Features Of Orient Aerocool & Aerostorm Fans:

  • High air delivery of 300 CMM.
  • Sweep size is 1320 mm.
  • 100% Rust free blade made of High grade compounded ABS
  • Winglet in blade design to minimize the air vortex & noise.

The pricing of the fans starts at around Rs 4000 which is very reasonable given their design and performance. It is indeed a good thing to know that some brand is paying attention to this latent need for silence.

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