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Doctor Who holds the Guinness Report for the longest-strolling technological know-how fiction TV show in the world, airing from 1963 until now. For those unfamiliar with the show (without a doubt inexcusable, I may say!!) Doctor Who (or The Doctor) is a humanoid alien, a Time Lord, whose planet has been destroyed and is touring through space and time with a time gadget referred to as TARDIS, exploring the universe and assisting the helpless.


TARDIS looks like a blue British police container, a common sight in Britain during the 60s when the show started. Through the years, it has become an indicator of the display. Doctor Who has faced many enemies throughout the show’s route, the oldest and most substantial ones being the Daleks, an alien race whose sole cause is to ruin all beings not so good as them. Martin Wallace, a famous independent board sports clothier from the U.K., faced the challenge of recreating the show’s atmosphere in a simple card recreation. Let’s see how the sport measures its topic and how attractive it’s miles in well-known as a card game.

Game Overview

Although I am a big sci-fi fan, I’ve seen very little of the renowned show. However, as I sat down to play this game, I had in my mind the general concept of “The Doctor,” his time-touring system, and the surroundings the sport has to have. From my perspective, the truth that I’m not a hardcore game fan, nor am I unaware of the subject, makes me more suitable to write a goal evaluation. Let’s undergo the fundamentals of the game for starters:

In Doctor Who: The Card Game, gamers take the role of Doctor Who and his partners, looking to protect places from numerous enemies, but also take the function of the “horrific” men by sending enemies to attack other players’ locations. During every of their turn, players will have the possibility to perform some movements, which contain playing cards. There are four special forms of playing cards in the sport:

Locations. Players must fight for the management in their areas and their fighters. Each vicinity is well worth several victory points at the game’s top.

Defenders. Defenders might be used to protect a participant’s location. There are four defenders, all based totally on the Doctor Who TV collection, everyone with their personal protection electricity: The Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory, and River Song.

Enemies. Players ship enemies to their fighter’s places, trying to benefit and manipulate them. The enemies are well-known races and monsters from the Doctor Who universes, like The Daleks, Cybermen, the Sontarans, and Davros. Each enemy has a specific assault fee.

Support playing cards. These are allies, special devices, or activities to assist a participant or hinder his fighters.
At the beginning of the sport, each player must choose a coloration and get ten counters of the ideal coloration (five DALEKS and 5 TARDIS). Daleks suggest that we’ve located an attacking enemy at an opponent’s place, while the TARDIS is used to show that we’ve effectively defended a region of our own. Each participant additionally gains a beginning class, which is chosen randomly. The participant having the highest price beginning region will become the first player. All playing cards are shuffled in a face-down pile, and five playing cards are dealt to each player besides the participant sitting to the right of the primary participant, who receives the simplest cards. The game also has thirty-time tokens, which might be set using the draw deck’s side.

In the course of his turn, each player can also play as many actions as he needs, constrained best by using the reality that at the give up of his turn, he must give the participant his proper three playing cards. Extra playing cards may be bought during a player’s flip using time counters, which can be gained with several approaches. Available movements a player might also do for the period of his turn are:

Playa region card in front of him. He receives several time counters as indicated on the card

play one or extra defenders on an area he owns. The defender playing cards are played face-down in a room, leaving part of it uncovered so the place’s value isn’t hidden. You can’t play an extra of the equal Defender card on a given region or play an enemy card on a combatant’s location. In contrast to defenders, in fashionable, the simplest enemy can be located in every fighter’s location (exceptions exist). The enemy card is placed face down near the area under assault. The attacking player puts a DALEK counter at the site beneath the attack, plays a help card, discards one or two playing cards to gain a time counter for each card, discards purchase cards by using paying 5-time counters for every one positioned one or extra cards inside the reserve. Players can also position up to two playing cards within the budget (face down in front of them) to use them in a later spherical. The reserve’s size might also boost the usage of certain support cards.

There isn’t any fee for playing any of the cards a participant owns, and players can perform any of the above actions. A positive movement may be carried out as soon as possible. In any case, the active player should have three playing cards, which he should supply to the player on their proper. At the end of a player’s turn, he draws two cards from the supply and places them in his hand. After the primary player, the play continues clockwise as typical.

The most thrilling point in the sport is combat, which occurs each time a defender and an enemy card are performed in a given area. All defender and enemy cards are then revealed, and their electricity is compared. The defender wins if the defender’s total energy is identical to or extra than the attacker’s. Attorneys and defenders are discarded, and the defending player places a TARDIS counter at the place card to suggest it’s far under the Doctor’s control. If the enemy wins, all defenders are discarded, and the attacker has to discard one or greater enemy cards with a total strength much less or the same as the defender’s full strength.

The sports end while a player has all of his DALEK or TARDIS counters in play or while the Game End card is revealed (it is, to begin with, placed on top of the 20 last cards of the draw deck). In the primary case, the game ends without delay, at the same time as inside the 2nd on an “End Game” length starts, in the course of which players maintain to take turns, however, are obliged to take an unmarried movement, and they do not draw playing cards at the top of their turn. They don’t pass playing cards to the participant in the right direction. This period ends while a player can not act. Then all players remember the victory factors on their places that are not beneath assault, plus the enemy locations they have got their DALEK counters on. The participant with the maximum victory factor is the winner.


The sport’s additives are cards and tokens. The tokens are popular cardboard ones with nothing unique to be touched upon. The cards deserve a special point as they’re all superbly illustrated with plenty of interest. The hues in the illustrations deliver the game’s feel, and all pics are of great detail. All playing cards decorate the theme of the game. The artwork is so exquisite that it captures the attention and creates a unique environment, particularly the vicinity and monster cards. The design of the additives truly leaves nothing greater to be desired. Nine/10


Usually, one does not have many expectancies regarding gameplay in such “small” video games. And once I say “small,” I suggest having few additives and brief duration, typically called “filler” games. It is truly a large accomplishment that a sports dressmaker provides a sport of sufficient complexity and intensity. It could attract hardcore gamers from so little fabric, even preserving the mechanics easily enough for extra casual game enthusiasts. From this element, I locate Doctor Who: The Card Game. This extraordinary gem deserves a place in all and sundry’s game library, whether he is a Doctor Who fan or not or a casual or hardcore gamer. The recreation starts aggressively proper from the beginning, while all people are placed down his beginning vicinity. The idea of gambling cards free, which means while not paying a value as it is finished in maximum drafting video games, offers a refreshing tone to the gameplay and allows gamers to broaden their strategy with greater freedom.

Choices are tough in every round as, during every turn, gamers have five cards in hand but ought to hand out to the participant three of them. That is the center of the gameplay, and the mechanic gives the game a strategic thing and depth that you will all appreciate. Which playing cards should you play, and which must you bypass? Having a reserve is thrilling and provides depth, allowing you to set your sport up the way you need in future turns. Another element of the game that I liked is how conflicts are resolved. Enemies and defenders are positioned unthinkingly and are revealed best while both are present at a given location. It is a clever idea that creates suspense, as you never virtually recognize when you have gained a vicinity until the battle is resolved. Martin Wallace has hit the nail on the head with this one, reminding us how talented he is! 9/10

Learning Curve

Despite the numerous interesting mechanics of the sport, policies are kept as easy as they should be for this recreation category. The 12-web page rule book can study for approximately 10 minutes (in reality, the rules are most effective for nine pages, and they’re a whole lot of pix, too). At first, the mechanics of the sport may also seem a bit abnormal, but after gambling your first recreation, you may have all of it figured out. 7/10


The recreation’s subject is supported in each way in the game, from the intuitive TARDIS and DALEK counters to the characters used as Defenders and Enemies and the guide cards. The places all replicate the sport’s theme, some set on Earth and others on alien planets. Characters from the most current episodes of the famous TV show are used as the defenders. Simultaneously, the most important enemies of the health practitioner had been chosen to serve as the enemies in the sport. Support cards feature objects used by the Doctor during the years in conjunction with special characters and occasions that increase the sport’s thematic individual. During my first play, I constantly felt like I was a part of the Doctor Who universe and attracted to it.

The only thing that felt odd is that you are playing with the “exact” men in well-known places, but while you send enemies to warring parties, you’re taking the position of the “bad” guys. That feels odd, disorients you, and retakes some of the immersion. I assume it might be better if roles were more wonderful; however, that would likely cause a new sport. The truth remains that going for the first time made me need to catch up with the TV show and perhaps try to discover some of the older episodes, too. 9/10


Doctor Who: The Card Game has enough depth and method with a purpose to make certain that you’ll have the choice to play it at any given time. It ought to virtually act no longer best as a filler recreation but as the principal sport on the desk, with consecutive plays. It’s that addictive! Eight/10


I certainly had quite a few a laugh, gambling Doctor Who. There is sufficient player interplay via attacking your opponent’s locations and defending your personal from assaults. There is a lot of suspense, too, as you wonder what enemies/defenders your combatants have positioned in places. Every element of the game contributes to the laugh component, from the intuitive drafting mechanic to the illustrations of the cards and the subject matter’s feel. Time will pass fast with this recreation. As you constantly have hard alternatives to make and countless unknown enemies to fight and manipulate, the numerous locations will often change for the sport’s duration. A pure laugh if you question me! Eight/10


A Doctor Who sport
Excellent support of the theme
Simple regulations
Awesome artwork
Gameplay with depth and strategy


It feels unusual to play both because of the Doctor and his enemies.

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