What you will not hear about child trafficking and prostitution from your community

Sex is a natural activity that should occur with both parties’ consent. It should not be circumstantial but based on love. This is what differentiates normal sex from prostitution and child trafficking. We fear talking about these activities even though they happen daily. You may even know someone going through such but remains silent due to societal stigmatization.


Today, we discuss how we can help such victims, what leads them there, and how we can end such activities in our society. Let us start with statistics to show you how intense the problem is. Research shows that more than 300,000 children are forced into the world of prostitution from trafficking.

The most significant population in our country are Christians who uphold moral values and advocate for them. This leaves us with a few questions. Where have we failed to have such numbers of people forced into prostitution? Can we do something to save the victims? The internet may help us greatly, but more than 100,000 pornographic sites contribute to this problem.

How does it begin?


Surveys on victims reveal that most prostitutes have undergone sexual abuse from a young age. This traumatizes them for a long time and may lead to sexual addiction as they grow up. It lowers their self-esteem and makes them forget their worth as soon as someone manipulates them with gifts and empty promises.

Most children who go through sexual abuse from close family members end up escaping from home, and the lack of money makes them use this means to survive.

Child trafficking mostly occurs when young children are taken off to pay their families’ debts and forced into prostitution. Others go to look for greener pastures in different countries with the hope of reducing poverty at home and find themselves engaging in prostitution.

Drugs are also a contributing factor that impairs people’s judgment and makes them crave uncontrollable sex urges, which leads to prostitution.

What can we do to reduce prostitution and help the victims?

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Research shows that children forced into prostitution at a young age fail to go through the standard education system as other children. The lack of education makes them lured by the small things they are promised since they don’t know who to turn to. As a community, we can educate these children and put them in a curriculum that helps them raise their self-esteem as they receive the proper education.

You can only reach out to a victim and help them if you have sufficient knowledge about the problem. We can also educate ourselves on child sex trafficking and prostitution to help them without judging them. We can find online resources to equip us with this information so that we can help these victims.

Recognize signs

Prostitution is widely spread, and victims use the same spots every night to conduct their activities. Some common places may be around prestigious buildings or even around the streets. If we recognize these signs, we can easily distinguish a victim from a non-victim and reach out to them to help them.

Report suspicious activities

In most states, prostitution and child sex trafficking are illegal. That is why we should report suspicious actions of sex trafficking to the local authorities to save a person who feels helpless in this situation. Remember that these victims may be out of circumstances, and reporting them can help them.

Provide employment

Poverty is a significant factor that contributes to both prostitution and sex trafficking. The high unemployment rate also increases the number of ladies in the streets at night. Though there are not enough jobs for everybody, we can give such victims opportunities to work on small tasks that show them a purpose in life. They may not earn much from it, but it is a starting point to help a lady get her life back on track.

Raise awareness

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Making everybody aware around your home area, working environment, or school about sex trafficking helps potential victims know before such happens to them. Don’t be intimidated by societal stigmas to talk about this issue since it is severe and can help someone. Be your brother’s keeper.

Seek support for them

Most prostitutes depend on drugs to reduce the guilt and stress that comes with the activity. Some of them are drug addicts who cannot do such things without the influence of drugs. Click here to save them from themselves before they overdose on drugs such as heroin.

Take action

Sex is addictive, and once it becomes your way of surviving, it is hard to break the habit. We must be part of the anti-trafficking group in our community to continue helping as many as possible.

You can write a letter to a particular editor so that your information can reach the local newspapers for everyone to be aware that it is a problem that needs help. Talk to your state legislatures, and don’t rest until they take more action regarding people who traffic children for sex and adult prostitutes.

Could you encourage them to invest in hobbies?

There is a lot of potential in some of these victims. Some of them don’t realize their worth due to low self-esteem. We can help them by teaching them how to invest their time in hobbies instead of night activities. For instance, they can tell and express their personalities through art such as drawing, sculpturing, or singing.

Let such victims find their identity through learning what they love to get past their urges. It is the small passions that save us from our demons. If you can bring out this from a prostitute, you can keep their lifestyle.

Final thoughts

The high prostitution and sex trafficking rate is alarming and needs intervention. As a community, we can stop stigmatizing them and start helping them because they are victims of circumstances. Remember, there is no small or big sin in the eyes of the Lord.

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