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Tips for exploring the night time sky in Minnesota

As a kid in Chicago, Suresh Sreenivasan played basketball one night when he noticed two pinpoints of light in the sky. At first, “I thought not anything of it,” says Sreenivasan. “I idea they had been airplanes.” But as twilight turned to darkness, the lights had barely moved.

Tips for exploring the night time sky in Minnesota 1

Curious, Sreenivasan rushed domestic and grabbed a telephone ebook — “This was before the net,” he said — and started dialing nearby TV station weather departments to ask approximately what he’d visible. It took a few calls earlier than Sreenivasan was given his solution. The lighting has been Jupiter and Venus, two planets floating tens of millions of miles from which he stood on a Chicago basketball court. Sreenivasan changed into smitten.

“I turned so flabbergasted that you may want just appear up and spot them,” said Sreenivasan. “That becomes it. That changed into my second.” Sreenivasan’s enthusiasm for the nighttime sky hasn’t waned, given that. He’s now the proud proprietor of 24 telescopes. But he says all that hardware isn’t vital to begin enjoying astronomy.

Sreenivasan heads the beginner’s hobby organization for the Minnesota Astronomical Society. The membership convenes novice astronomers nationwide, hosting monthly discussions and telescope observations every week. These activities are unfastened and open to the general public.

Sreenivasan periodically leads observations for novices to analyze the basics of stargazing and telescope use. He says the surprise of far-off stars and planets certainly appeals to children, and the club inside the Minnesota Astronomical Society has skyrocketed in recent years, particularly amongst households.

Sreenivasan shared some recommendations for first-time stargazers.

1) Get underneath a dark sky

Escaping the glow of metropolis lights would possibly require some travel for metro residents. But Sreenivasan says it’s worth it. He indicates locating a subject or different open location to pattern the considerable stars in Minnesota’s nighttime sky, beginning with famous formations like Orion’s Belt and the Big Dipper.

Be sure to test the climate first — clouds are a deal-breaker — and dress as it should be for any bloodless or wind. “Just get out and enjoy the sky,” says Sreenivasan.

2) Read up

Sreenivasan recommends following some amateur astronomy blogs, such as EarthSky and Duluth-based Astro Bob. He also highlights magazines that you may examine online or locate at a library, including Sky & Telescope and Astronomy Magazine.

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At 550 contributors and counting, Minnesota Astronomical Society is a wonderful vicinity to begin studying and gazing with others, said Sreenivasan. He also recommends catching a show at the domed display screen of a planetarium, which mimics the night sky.

The Bell Museum Planetarium in St. Paul and the Alworth Planetarium in Duluth host indicate 12 months round. The Como Planetarium in St. Paul additionally has public screenings every Tuesday during the course of the college year.

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