Samsung Galaxy Note eight: My first week with a nearly perfect phone

After spending two hours with a Galaxy Note 8 at a briefing in San Francisco, I bought my S8 Plus on Swappa and ordered my Note Eight from T-Mobile. With per week under my belt the usage of an evaluated Note Eight, I’m convinced the purchase was the right flow and sat up to explore the Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy

ZDNet’s Jason Cipriani published a complete assessment of Note 8 and concluded it is a worthy successor to the Note 7. I also put the Note 8 at the pinnacle of my updated ten pleasant smartphones listing.
Over the past week, Note Eight became used at some point in my everyday shuttle and the office, on a business experience to Florida for some days, and over the holiday weekend out and approximately with family and pals. The Note collection is my preferred Samsung telephone, and it’s clear Samsung is the main all others on the subject of smartphone innovation and delivered value.



I described my feelings about selecting and using the Note 8 on MobileTechRoundup show #405. However, it comes down to the show’s “flatter” feel compared to the curvier Galaxy S collection. For this flat experience, shall we use the S Pen to jot down the display without problems? Check out these cool hints you could do with the S Pen.

In addition to the show’s broader flat part, the Galaxy Note 8 is a chunk of wider standard and a piece taller than the Galaxy S8 Plus. It also has a large Infinity Display, beating out the six-month vintage Galaxy S8; this is 0.1 inches larger than the S8 Plus. The pinnacle, bottom, and facets are organized and appear the same as the S8/S8 Plus with metal construction.

The biggest differentiator between the S8/S8 Plus and Note Eight is at the back, where you’ll locate Samsung’s first-ever dual camera setup. The cameras have optical photo stabilization (OIS).

Unfortunately, the fingerprint scanner continues to be placed after the cameras; however, now on the aspect of the flash and a bit closer to the edge. Use the iris scanner or Google Smart Lock alternatively.
The AMOLED screen is lovely, and since you spend most of the time searching on display, your eyes will respect the Galaxy Note 8. I love Samsung’s implementation of the Always On Display to have any image you need appear below the time and date and above the notifications. I had the Sounders FC emblem there and now have a sunrise shot I took of Mt Rainier. By the way, I assumed that Mt Rainier picture on my commuter education, going about 50 mph through grimy home windows.

As a person with larger fingers and massive pockets, the Note 8 suits me flawlessly. It is not too large, and I love that Samsung gives me a choice to have a gigantic 5×6 grid on the house screen panels.
The AMOLED screen is stunning, and since you spend most of the people a while looking at the show, your eyes will respect the Galaxy Note 8. I love Samsung’s implementation of the Always On Display to have any photo you want to be seen underneath the time and date and above the notifications. I had the Sounders FC brand there and also have a sunrise shot I took of Mt Rainier. I took that Mt Rainier picture on my commuter education, going about 50 mph through grimy home windows.

As someone with larger hands and large pockets, the Note 8 fits me flawlessly. It isn’t always too huge, and I love that Samsung allows me to have a massive 5×6 grid on the house screen panels.


The S Pen experience is advanced on the Galaxy Note 8, and I have not used the stylus much before on a Note, as I have over the past week. I doubt it is just because of the unconventional stylus, as I am already integrating the S Pen into my daily lifestyle.

The potential to take notes with the show-off is extremely beneficial for me as I regularly have random thoughts and want to write them down earlier than I forget them. My family has been participating in my Live messages created by the S Pen.

As I get older, I want to analyze glasses extra often, so the S Pen enlargement choice is extraordinarily useful. With the finer tip on the S Pen and my getting older fat hands, it has also been my mouse to navigate the device, scroll up and down websites, peek into my emails in Samsung Focus, and more. The S Pen has become an extension of my finger and is becoming a magic wand for me.

In addition to the S Pen, the twin digital camera changed into the other main motive I moved from the S8 Plus to the Note 8. Unlike different dual digicam telephones where you pick what mode you want to seize before the shot, with the Note Eight, you can capture pics in Live Focus mode and then manipulate the blur after the reality or additionally view and keep the complete image even though you have been focused in on one challenge.

The 2x optical zoom is likewise reachable for buying a piece toward your issue. The huge perspective is the handiest a Samsung label to distinguish it from the telephoto lens and no longer a true extensive-angle like the one hundred ten ranges located at the LG V30. You won’t be experiencing an extensive attitude capture with the primary lens. The included photograph editor is useful. However, the LG V30 is an extra successful phone for developing video content and editing your captured subjects.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is powered via Android 7.1.1 Nougat, and we haven’t yet heard what Samsung plans for an Oreo replacement. However, as I have written earlier, Samsung’s software often gives improvements inside the current Android version that fits or exceeds the capability coming within the next version of Android. I usually advocate humans purchase a cellphone that satisfies them with the software program it launches with. If you’re relying on essential version software program updates, Samsung gadgets aren’t the ones to shop for well-timed updates. However, Samsung is one of the quickest and most steady at freeing month-to-month Android protection updates.

While Samsung recently released its net browser for all modern-day Android smartphones, presents S Health for Android and iOS owners, and affords Samsung Pay for a Gear S3 linked to a non-Samsung Android smartphone, several apps still require a Samsung phone. A few of those have to turn out to be standard for me, inclusive of Samsung Focus, the smartphone dialer with included visual voicemail, the textual content messaging app with layout and capacity to pin favorites to the pinnacle, the contacts app with call and message records, and the photo gallery for superior modifying options. There is a ton of price brought via Samsung at the Galaxy Note 8, and I don’t suppose human beings surely respect what is offered.

Bixby is pre-loaded on the Galaxy Note 8, and up to now, the voice release is more responsive than when I began testing Bixby on the S8 Plus. I am now not using it to govern all sorts of first-class moves, but I find it useful for calling, texting, and performing simple movements. There is a ton of capability in Bixby, and since the Note eight will be in my hand for some time, I will try and explore more of what it can do.

I used to mention that I could pick out an Apple iPhone if I only had to select one phone (luckily, with ZDNet, I don’t have to restrict myself). That is no longer the case, and if I had to select one to apply every day, it’d be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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