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A relationship between IoT and telecom landscape: what you didn’t know

Thanks to the Internet of things, providers can produce new values and play a great role.

IoT becomes very popular in recent days and is developing with extreme speed. IoT includes detector technologies that play a huge role in making things “smart.” Isolated technology parts create a network between all these devices producing and combining the data with leading useful insights.  There is an era of web revolution now, and communication services look at their providers as more than just a network that gives bandwidth. IoT is developing, and its strong and safe communication links give telecom providers a chance to produce new values and play a great role.


IoT has a sureness that all things around must be electronically connected and related, and this means collecting and sharing information. A lot of things around us make this world “smart.” Mobile phones, cars, and even homes – all these things become smart. The development of connected smart things such as wearable activity trackers or cars connected to the electrical grid makes companies competitive thanks to their products or services’ functionality and performance and the data that these products or services produced.

Probably, telecommunications are the heart of the IoT. Telecommunications are around us, they are everywhere, and they assist us in collecting and sharing information. Besides, these techs are rising, and old technologies have become outdated.

A relationship between IoT and telecom landscape: what you didn’t know 1

Kaaproject provides many opportunities for telecom operators and system integrators to enlarge their incomes to offer the quick adoption of IoT services and apps. Plus, the IT industry offers services, analytics, and apps connected with IoT.

IoT will greatly influence client and enterprise business projects. On people’s behavior, support not owning assets but renting assets on clients, and not selling products but providing business assistance. The machine-to-machine market has the prognosis to get an income of $7.1 billion in 2015. GSM Association said that the business influence of connected life by 2020 would reach $4.5 trillion for the world economy. M2M will share the influence on the healthcare sector, auto, education, agriculture, surveillance, security, etc. Telecom is an ideal perfect base for the successful rise of these technologies.

In the middle of the ’90s, telecom had been transformed into the internet, leading to industrial development. Today IoT is the main technology that influences the industry, while these connected devices are of great importance. And one of the principal requirements for the constant progress in the telecom industry is making a friendly atmosphere for investors.

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