A Golf Simulator Leaves the Club Swinging To You

If you want to play golf but without shouting on-lookers, bad weather conditions, no pressure of a tee time, or having to park your car before the masses of sports enthusiasts arrive, consider an indoor golf simulator.  While there is a sense of excitement for being among the crowds, you prefer to be a player at the center of attention, displaying your insight as a professional golfer.  A golf simulator makes this dream possible with a little imagination.

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This device projects a graphically simulated golf course on a screen.  This simulation is in the indoor comfort of your home, where you can continue the love of your sport any time of the day. A golf simulator protects you from unwanted outside weather that is either too hot, wet, windy or too cold; you can reduce the time to play the 18 hole sport,  you can visibly track your swing to identify problems with every golf shot, you can play at famous golf courses around the world and practice golf 24 hours a day.

Not all simulators are the same, but they have the same principles of operation.  Simulators need as much as a full room or at least a 15-by-20-foot room for appropriate operation. There is a larger projection screen with a video projector that transmits the golf course’s image from a computer at one end of the room.  The simulator should have an enclosure to control where the golf ball goes out of bounds instead of being hit all over the room instead of hitting the screen.

For some systems, specific software of the simulator’s brand is loaded on the computer, or there may be a stand-alone system. The simulator should have a tracking system connected to the computer and a hitting area tee (grass-like mat) where the golfer stands. The tracking system is critical.  It analyzes the golf swing.  The system analyzes and follows the ball’s trajectory from the tee to the fairway and the green, surrounded by hazards.

Golf simulators permit a golfer to learn about a particular course and develop a strategy for playing this course based on its design.   For instance, if you plan to golf at Pebble Beach, you can calculate the distance between a tee-box and the bunkers. Thus, you can learn where to place the ball before driving it and plot out each hole.  The most important aspect of a simulator is instant feedback and intelligent swing analysis that provides such data points as swing speed, distance, launch angle, and face angle.


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