Importance of Compounding for Women’s Hormonal Health

Compounding is defined as customizing the medicine or creating personalized medicine for treating certain ailments and diseases. Many professional pharmacies are introducing compounding methods, and you may also see some professional compounding pharmacies.

Mostly, compounding medicines are used to treat allergies related to certain ingredients found in some prescribed drugs. A professional and experienced compounding pharmacist can provide a substitute material and present you with a dose different from shelf medication.

Functional Medicine Naperville: Women's Hormone Health

What Role Does Compounding Play in Hormone Therapy?

People who have a hormonal imbalance or suffer from a hormone deficiency can opt for compounding medication, especially for their hormonal therapy. Upon consulting doctors, they may ask you to take bioidentical hormones to supplement your body when your body is not producing a particular hormone. The compounds usually present in these bioidentical creams are oestradiol, testosterone, progesterone, Estriol, and Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

How can Women Benefit from Compounding When It Comes to Hormonal Health?

Compounding medicines provide general benefits when it comes to women’s hormonal health, and some of them are mentioned below-

1) Medication can be made in different strengths- Sometimes, commercial medicine doesn’t affect you because of the composition. You may need the treatment of higher power or lower strength. Compounding allows you to make that specific dose that many other pharmaceutical companies don’t sell.

Such customized medicines prove to be beneficial for women going through hormonal therapy. Why? Because the hormone level varies from person to person, every woman needs to be treated differently because of the hormone variation. Therefore, every woman suffering from hormonal issues can rely on compounding as the dose is just made right for them.

2) Medicines can be customized- Many people who consume commercial medicines prescribed by a doctor can have side effects or allergic reactions. Sensitive patients can be allergic to artificial flavors, gluten, lactose, and certain dyes used in the medicine preparation. However, such artificial tastes and stabilizers can be avoided with compounded medicines. Besides, you can also ask your doctor to suggest the best compounding pharmacy to help you get the right dose.

3) Compounding can provide alternative ways of consumption- Many a time, a person es,pecially children, has to taste something they would hate in the form of medicines. Besides, some medicines taste so bad that they can jerk off your taste, and your mouth may feel numb for a while. This usually happens in the case of children and certain women. But with the help of compounding, you can change the flavors and way of consuming your medicine. It could be in the form of liquids, pills, topical creams, or injectables.

4) Compounding medicines can be cheaper than commercial drugs- Many doctors can usually prescribe expensive medication. While some of you can afford costly drugs, others may not. In that case, getting the substitute from the compounding pharmacy can sometimes be affordable.

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