5 Ways To Save Money While Shopping Online

It’s the 21st century, everything is digital right now, isn’t it? From buying groceries to paying bills. Not to mention that Online E-commerce has skyrocketed.

But at the same time, companies have exploited this opportunity to rake in their pockets with dollars, and that’s why I’m sharing here 5 tips to Swiggy Coupons, Faasos Coupons, Zomato Coupons etc.

Google will take you to the relative sites and then you can use those coupons to avail the discounts or offers available.

Wait for Deals

“Patience is rewarding” is an age-old phrase. Well not sure about other affairs but as far as shopping online goes, it sure holds true.

Simply because, it’s almost impossible that there isn’t a deal going on around Christmas or Halloween or any other festivals.

If you can just wait till the festive seasons, you can avail as much as 90% discount on some products.

And it’s not just about festive seasons, many E-commerce platforms give away deals in specific months across the year.

For eg. The third month, the 6th month and the 12th month. So should check those E-commerce platforms out around March, June and December.



Buy during Off-Seasons:-

Off Seasons were popular much before Internet came along. What off seasons mean is, let’s say you want to buy a refrigerator, well if you buy it when it’s snowing around your place, you should get a pretty neat discount.

Same logic applies to any other products. Winter wears can be bought in summer, summer wears in winter.

The product sales go down in the off-seasons, and so does the pricing.

Subscribe to Newsletter:-

I know, they mostly spam our E-mails. But in the last month alone I’ve availed a discount of over $1000 on Air-fares.

So if you can excuse the “spam E-mails” from the E-commerce platforms, you sure should subscribe to them.

Because whenever there’s a deal going on, they most often than not send out an E-mail to their subscribers first and foremost.

A tip you can use is, setup a separate E-mail account only for E-commerce newsletters, this way your primary Email would remain junk-free, and you’d not miss out on the deals either!

Final Words:-

Those are the very basic tips anyone can use to bring home some heavily discounted products.

There are other “complicated” ways you can cross paths with, for eg. A guy from Europe figured out a “legal” way to reduce airfares by over 90%.

He figured out cheapest destinations and connecting flights, and developed an algorithm which puts all the factors together, obviously the algorithm was banned later but what I’m trying to say is, you can either be that guy, or just be a bit patient and use this guide.

Do let me know what you shop for in the comments though!

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