If you ask me to tell the name of one company for long-term holding to get 99% sure shot result for multi-bagger return then I will say its Jubilant Food share and from multi-bagger return means 10X or 15X return at least in 10 years time and this is the minimum side you may get 20X or even 30X. Now i will explain you step by step why there is high potential in this stock Just look at the below points and you will understand.

Evergreen Business Model of Jubilant Food:-

Jubilant Food has Evergreen business model due to consumable and junk food addiction here for understanding this take an example assume there is a shoes manufacturing company and if anyone buy any shoes then there is very less chance he will buy it again before 1 year unless his shoes broke. but if you had eaten the pizza last night then there are more than normal chances than you will tonight also due to addiction. We know very well that everyone loves eating delicious food and if anyone addicted and have money in his pocket then no one can stop him from buying the pizza just similar to the Smoking addiction and as the result, ITC has very high revenue share from its cigarette business and it is only due to people are addicted to Cigarette.

Increasing demand & sales due to increasing urban population:-

Do you know almost every American eats pizza and we are on the same track. Pizza lovers are increasing day by day due to new Dominos stores are opening every year and population are shifting to metros area and due to market leader dominos is taking the big share of growth as a result Jubilant food share is performing very well.

High Margin => Huge Profit:-

Company Net profit mainly depend on two factor one is sales and second is how much margin company have there are four cases:-

Company have low sales & low margin => very low Net profit Company have high sales but low margin => Moderate profit Company have low sales but high margin => Moderate profit Company have high sales & high margin => very high profit

we all know that due to unique Pizza quality Dominos have the advantage over other competitors which result in very high margin for its pizza and due to brand name it also has very high sales so jubilant lies in the 4th category and has only approx 16000 crores market capitalization which will increase exponentially due to future high demand and its strong store network but it is in a growing phase which is a very good opportunity for us to take advantage by buying jubilant food share right now.

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Now the problem with Jubilant food:- The common problem with most of the good quality stock is they are expensive and it is very hard to find the good quality stock @ a reasonable price and same is here with jubilant food share because right now it is @ 65 P/E (Price to earnings ratio) which is very very high but due to very high growth potential it is still a buy call for him but only if you are thinking for long term but if you want to buy for just 2-3 months then it is not recommended because you may suffer losses in future.

The Conclusion:- Jubilant food is available at fair price(1250/- per share) but not at good price even after recent market crash in Sept-2018 and Oct-2018 but market may come more down in future and you must wait to get the jubilant food share at 1000 rs per share but you can buy at 1100 also if you are thinking for long-term investment.