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Upcoming Exhibition Stalls Trends in 2021

While the events industry along with exhibition stall designers and other associates suffered few setbacks in 2020 due to the outbreak of Corona virus, the recent recovery in one form or the other has been positive. Strong measures are being taken to push the industry forward and in the meantime, we look at possible upcoming exhibition stall trends in 2021 which you must know.


Exhibition stall designs are going high-tech in 2021. The seeds for this leap were already sown in the last couple of years. In the upcoming year, the event audience can brace themselves for technologically powered, highly interactive, sometimes out of the world personalized experience. Thus, exhibition stall designers should keep these factors in mind.

The stall should be spacious enough to accommodate Artificial Intelligence equipments, Virtual Reality tools and of course people so that they can leave the stall with memorable digitally-fueled event experience.


Lighting sets the whole mood of an exhibition stall design. It will continue to be in fashion. Single screens and lights are some of the most sophisticated elements always in demand for events, exhibitions and trade shows.

Depending on the kind of event and the personality of the brand, lighting should be in sync with the stall design graphics, colours and the elements. In the year 2021, 3D Video is set to become common and creative lighting experiences will be the best attention-grabber.

Audience is the King

The audience remains the king. Those brands who represent themselves in different countries and target different audience must look forward to providing customized event experiences to them. Before deciding on the exhibition stand designer company, ask questions like; what are the current event trends in that particular country? What is gaining the attention of people? And what are their interests? etc.

This asks for exhibition stall designs and concepts which are dynamic too. This is the reason why you should partner with stall designers who have national as well as international projects to show. This will help you ace events every time.

Interaction Options

There are multiple interaction options for the audience now available. You should expect interaction opportunities like personal rooms, chat options, resources, the scope for tweeting, video conferences, webinars, virtual selfies and much more as some of the speakers might opt to be at the comfort of his/her home and reach out to attendees online.

In such scenarios, the exhibition stall designs are going to be used either for live events streamed partially. Take all kinds of opportunities that come along and provide the best interaction options through perfect stall designs.

Virtual exhibition stalls

We can not rule the other scenario where virtual exhibition stalls are going to be in demand. Any event would require virtual stalls to give out a distinct feel and experience even virtually.

These are the possible upcoming exhibition stall design trends in 2021 that you must know. Vasant Creative is one of the leading exhibition stall designers with national and international clients. Our specialized services now include all things digital. For more details, visit

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