Top 10 Popular Content Management System

Before I list the top ten most popular CMSs used, let us educate ourselves on what CMS is all about.

How you see your webpage on the Internet is due to CMS software. CMS is an abbreviation for Content Management System. It lets you create your desired content, edit it, and publish it online. The word enables you to manage your web page’s content. Note that CMS comprises two components; one is for editing and is known as a Content Management Application. It is responsible for modifying the contents of the website. Usually, this application uses a WYSIWYG interface that allows users to easily manage how they see their content online without using HTML. The second is for publishing the range known as Content Delivery Application. It’s for…  it’s delivering the content online. It gathers all the data you have created using CMA and publishes it online, thus updating your website with your changes.


Now that we know what CMS is all about let’s check the top 10 CMSs widely used.

On top of the list is…

WORDPRESS: It seems that WordPress is quite popular among management software out there. This may be due to their user-friendly interface that makes creating websites hassle-free. Bloggers and many websites can use a wide range of themes and plugins that customize their web page and make it unique.

Top 10 Popular Content Management System 1

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next is…

JOOMLA: Joomla is more popular because of its functionality and easy-to-use admin controls, as well as its powerful application framework that helps developers build applications that anyone can access, utilize, and share.

Top 10 Popular Content Management System 2

RADIANT: Radiant is one of the best choices for websites after a wide range of web page customization. They have the best plugins and extension systems, many layouts, flexible templates with snippets and page parts, and custom tagging language.

Top 10 Popular Content Management System 3

DRUPAL: Known for its Taxonomy feature, Drupal is widely used in informational websites and organizing complex content for websites with multiple pages. It is also known for its security features among the CMSs out there.

Top 10 Popular Content Management System 4


MODX: Although ModX is still quite unheard of, there are a lot of websites that use this system. It is convenient for non-techy individuals because of its logically laid-out interface, making customization easy.

Top 10 Popular Content Management System 5

ExpressionEngine: Although this cm does not have the same range of plugins that users can choose from, it is best to design template files because of its useful template engine. Developed by EllisLab, it is one of the most elegant and flexible CMS applications for all projects.

Top 10 Popular Content Management System 6

TEXTPATTERN: Its minimalistic interface makes it a popular choice for designers because of its simplicity. It creates well-structured and standard-compliant pages that are lightweight and loads fast. Although it may not be the best among CMS designing and customizing websites, it offers a reasonable number of themes, plugins, and layouts.

Top 10 Popular Content Management System 7

REFINERYCMS: This is one of the best CMSs widely used for multiple businesses due to its various features, including a wide range of engines. Membership, gallery, admin availability, blogs, low-end social media, search, etc. This, we call the RefineryCMS, is the easiest to use because of the ability and range it can give to the end-user when developing a user interface. It also provides advantages in designing both ends of the page, whether the front or back. And it’s too easy to add new functions too!

Top 10 Popular Content Management System 8

CONCRETE5: ConcCMS is the most practical among all the CMSs. Due to its utmost time-saving capability for designers, it is very easy to use. Especially for the developers and designers made this CMS more popular in the business, especially for developers and designers. Its main purpose is to allow everyone to create and manage their website at the lowest price possible and save a lot of their time developing one. Although given all the pros of this CMS, it appears to be well in the business and does not get much negative feedback. And if I were you, I would try this one and put it on my list.

Top 10 Popular Content Management System 9

DOTNETNUKE: This one is the most suitable if you are a Windows-kinda-guy because they mainly use Windows servers to host their Intranet. And unlike all the hundreds of CMS that use PHP as their programming language, this DotNetNuke is much more different. Its software is programmed in ASP .Net; knowing that this programming language is commonly used in Windows servers gives it more sense. And after all the practicality you can have with this CMS, there is still more! It is one of the most user-friendly CMSs becauseof the ease it can give developers. It can customize any web application with the help of API, which offers the end-users the most advantage! And the most important information about DotNetNuke is it is FREE! (But a trial and demo version can also be used.)

Top 10 Popular Content Management System 10

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So in conclusion

When choosing the right CMS (Content Management System) for your website, there are many things to consider. Before jumping into one, you should evaluate the nature of your business, your budget, and your ability to maintain one. Because if you choose and choose and choose without knowing it well, it would just be a waste of time. And remember that each CMS has its specialization. So choose carefully.

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