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4 Different Types of Flash Memory

The non-volatile computer memory, as called by experts, or Flash memory implies unconditional support for memory independent of whether or not the device is powered. In the last couple of decades, the market has witnessed a plethora of memory cards available to the computer users. These little flash memory cards are of much more use than you’d know. They have to their credit strengthening of data recovery industry as it has become exponentially easier for the users to store, save or transfer any data as per their convenience. Flash memory may infact be much prized to your business as it can deliver business value by providing better IOPS density, low latencies, and low power and cooling requirements. With this, it also results in a faster growth of business at lower costs and lower business risks.

Moreover, there’s such an impressive range of memory cards available that there’d be one to suit every requirement of capacity and storing strength whether the use is personal or for an enterprise.

The 4 types of flash memory and how they are commonly used are

  1. Traditional Flash Storage

Also known as the HDD storage method, the traditional flash storage system is a much preferred option due to the added advantage of offering a cost-effective capacity that the user can scale. Moreover, the user receives consistent storage. However, most experts may advise against using traditional flash storage for loading more than 50% of your storage capacity due to the unreliability of it. As per records, the traditional Flash Storage method have great vulnerability with storing information and are they break most often making it inconvenient and risky for the user.

  1. Server Flash Memory

Ever heard of Cached Storage? The server flash memory is also referred to as cached storage and it provides to you access to fastest speeds with lower capacity. With a recent growth in popularity due to its property of adding IOPS and boosting flash memory while functioning alongside the host application, the Server Flash Memory is a largely preferred choice. It has also gained popularity, when compared to other flash memory types because it allows the IT department to speed up storage and reduce latency more efficiently.



  1. The All-Flash Array

Consistent storage with greater capacity makes the All-flash array gain a growing market. The All-Flash Array is a solid state storage system that accommodates multiple flash memory drives instead of the prevailing system of spinning hard disk drives. Growing pretty quick on popularity, the All-Flash Array system, as predicted by the IDC will be a sector to grow by as much as $1.6 Billion by end of 2016.

  1. Hybrid Array

Defined as an intelligent caching solution, the Hybrid array provides the user with a sub-millisecond access to their cached data. The Hybrid array also leverages your HHD for capacity. However, this system of flash memory required a more substantial workload. As opinioned by experts, it may be a popular choice for the future.

It is essential that you first shortlist your requirements from the flash memory before getting decisive of the type of flash memory you need. You must select the right flash memory based on your requirements since every type is meant to deal with different and unique circumstances and needs. While there is no one-size-fits all flash memory to suit every need you’d might have, once chosen right, if may be one of your most relished decisions. By choosing the right kind of flash memory, you can ensure that you have saved and stored your data safely, whether personal like pictures and photographs or sensitive information for your enterprise. Nobody likes to struggle with losing their data, and flash memory options come as a rescue and solution for all your storage problems.

Data storage and recovery can often be a sensitive issue as a major portion of all businesses depends today on computer storage. Have you been facing issues with storing your data right or have you lost important information and are still figuring out how? Platinum Data Recovery is your best bet for data recovery solutions in LA for a better data future.

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