Guidelines of buying property in Dubai downtown

No doubt Dubai downtown is an amazing place to live and spend time with your loved ones. Like Burj Khalifa, the superlative residences –the world’s tallest building is also home to some lucky residences. The major charm of Burj Khalifa is the famous mall in Dubai- the Dubai Mall and the unmatched dancing fountain show. If you plan to buy a property in downtown Dubai which is the center of attention, you need to consider and evaluate major points before deciding. The following article will help you to discover the downtown Dubai properties for getting a perfect home.


1.Make sure of the future developments around the building as it might block your view

Most people buy property in downtown Dubai to see the amazing views, which cannot be seen from anywhere else in the city. You should be aware of the major developments happening around your tallest tower because it might block your view in the future. The main attraction of living in a high-rise building is to see the downtown beauty, which, if blocked, will make everything else useless. Mostly the property in Dubai opera will get construction in the future and can block the views. Therefore make sure about the future construction happening around your tower to not block the stunning views from your tower.

2. Profitable investment

Everyone wants to have a profitable investment; no one wants to have a low return on their property investment. The average yield in Dubai’s real estate market is around 7%, almost 2 to 3% higher than the international market average yield. But sadly, the higher return on investment is not the case in Dubai downtown compared to Dubai Marina, Jumeirah lake towers, and Jumeirah village circle. If you are looking for a higher yield than Dubai, downtown is not the right choice for you. The area is good for people who live on rent as they do not own the property and thus do not want high returns.

3. The best towers of Dubai downtown

We all know that property is quite expensive in Dubai; though the prices have come down still, not everyone can easily buy a Dubai property. If you have enough savings and want to invest in Dubai, look for a property with specifications, design, and basic facilities. If Dubai downtown is the last and first option, then go for the address boulevard, act two and act one with amazing views of Dubai downtown.

4. Look for a lower price of the property

Do not buy an expensive property; always look for good and affordable options before deciding any. The apartments in downtown Dubai costs around AED 1,490,000 and AED 5,990,000; however, the price of a penthouse in downtown Dubai is around AED 13,000,000. Everyone’s dream is to get an apartment in Dubai downtown, close to Sheik Zayed road, and gives stunning views of the city, but the price factor is the main hurdle. Right now, the properties are at a reduced price that one can take advantage of.

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