Much like tattooing, body jewelry has become popular among young people among many body applications. The most popular are belly button rings and cartilage jewelry. A dominant element which is used for most of the body jewelry is titanium, since it is completely hypoallergenic. It doesn’t combine with bodily fluids unlike gold which might induce nickel or silver poisoning. Jewelry in the form of piercings as well as tattoos and other body applications are used as a great tool of self-expression by the current generation and makes an essential feature of the pop culture.

A curved barbell is one of the most common styles of body jewelry at the bellybutton. It opens at one end so it can be strung through the belly button and the application can be easier. Also called by the name, “banana bells” and come in materials like acrylic, zircon gold, surgical steel, bioplast and titanium. Titanium is said to be the best material that can be used for items like gemstone naval barbells where the gemstone is just mounted onto the barbell. It is a strong, stiff and hard metal and is the best for gemstones that you can’t afford to lose.

Ball closure rings are most commonly used in the naval, ear and lip which are available in gold, surgical steel and titanium. The oxidation process allows a variety of colors to be added onto it and makes it most preferable. The coating is non-reactive as well and is perfectly safe to be used for body piercings. An alternative is a body spiral. Its ends can be screwed onto separately and allows more flexibility for threading more accessories onto the main jewelry.



Titanium jewelry is non-magnetic. It usually happens at airport security checks that your gold or silver jewelry while passing through the X ray and you have to remove them. But in the case of titanium, the jewelry does not beep, which is important because you will be in a number of layers and it’s a tiresome ordeal to get rid of your clothes to show security an accessory so small on you person. So, it saves that time for strip searching, since the jewelry is totally harmless. It is best to use titanium as an option for your piercings since it gives excellent results and it is completely high tech and lightweight, so your body jewelry cannot go wrong. Some people take their piercings quite personally since it holds some meaning to them and titanium is a good option to keep in mind when you next go shopping for body jewelry.

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