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What’s better? The FURY or the FURY2?

The FURY 2 Vaporizer is a newer and improved version of the FURY Vaporizer. Although they may look the same at first glance, the FURY 2 Vaporizer is a huge improvement on the FURY Vaporizer thanks to several features that were not available in the original FURY.

The FURY 2 Vaporizer is small and discreet without compromising on its power. The FURY 2 Vaporizer is great for use when you are out and about and need to be stealthy; it is powerful enough for some users to use it at home as their main device.

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The FURY 2 Vaporizer is a convection vaporizer. The Convection Technology of the FURY 2 Vaporizer combines full hot air convection heating with a slight amount of radiant heat, giving you massive vapor production from the very first draw. This unique Convection Technology gives you extremely even extraction without ever needing to stir your material.

The FURY 2 has a solid Kirksite Alloy Unibody – and the isolated stainless steel & glass vapor path is 100% food-grade to ensure your health and safety. With a size of 50 x 27.3 x 81mm (2″ x 1″ x 3.2″) and a weight of 136 g (4.8ounces), it is a portable vaporizer and discreet so that you can take it anywhere.

The FURY 2 Vaporizer has a chamber capacity of .175g to .205g, the temperature can be set between 320F and 430F, and a full charge will last 40 minutes.

​It’s also effortless to use the FURY 2 Vaporizer. It takes three clicks to switch it on or off (instead of the five it took with the FURY Vaporizer), it has a stealth mode which gives you the option to turn off the indicator light, and you can adjust the temperature settings to suit your needs. The session will last 4 minutes before it shuts off to preserve battery life and material, but if you want longer, you can switch it on again.

The FURY 2 Vaporizer gives massive vapor production, even at lower temperatures, to ensure you always get a quality draw from your first to last.

What improvements have been made to the FURY 2 Vaporizer?

The following are the improvements that were made to the FURY 2 Vaporizer to give it an even more impressive feature set than the original FURY Vaporizer:

  • Three clicks instead of 5 clicks to turn on
  • A change in the type of silicone used to give you an even better quality taste
  • The FURY 2 comes with a Borosilicate Glass WPS (Water Pipe Adaptor)
  • The FURY 2 Vaporizer comes with a protective cover that you can slide over the top to help minimize smell when you’re out and about, making it more discreet
  • Stealth mode allows you to switch off the LED light to make it more discreet

Here you can take a look at the features of the FURY 2 Vaporizer in detail:

  • Convection Heating Technology
  • Protective ‘Smell’ Cover ​
  • OLED Digital Screen
  • Temperature range 320F – 430F
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • 3 Clicks On/Off
  • Stealth Mode
  • Glass Vapor Path
  • Kirk site Unibody​
  • Size: 50 x 27.3 x 81mm (2″x 1″ x 3.2″)
  • Weight: 136g (4.8 Ounces)​
  • Chamber Capacity .175g to .205g
  • Low Draw Resistance
  • 25 Second Heat-up time (almost on-demand vapor)
  • Isolated Air Path – Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Chamber
  • USB Charging with Wall Charger
  • Charges in 75 – 90 minutes
  • Class A 1600 mAh Lithium Polymer battery (won’t explode)
  • Provides approximately 45-50 minutes of battery use per charge​
  • 4-minute auto shut-off protection​
  • RoHS Certified for 100% Health and Safety

The FURY 2 Vaporizer also has a one-year free replacement warranty and a lifetime half-price replacement warranty. You can guarantee you are provided with a quality product with this dry herb vaporizer.

Where can I get a FURY 2 Vaporizer?

So now you are probably wondering what it costs and where I can get one. The FURY 2 Vaporizer Glass Bundle is USD 149 and includes the following:

  • FURY 2 Vaporizer
  • ​1 Protective ‘Smell’ Cover
  • 1 Borosilicate WPA or Glass Mouthpiece (your choice)
  • Mouthpiece with Glass Vapor Path​
  • Stainless Steel Oil & Wax Pad
  • 1 Extra Screen & O-Ring Set
  • Wall Charger
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Tweezers
  • Wax Tool
  • 1 User Manual

The FURY 2 Vaporizer is the smallest dry herb vaporizer to hit the market but still produces huge vapor.

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