Why Use A Document Management Service For A Paperless Office

Have you gone through the pain and frustration of finding and managing the official documents? Managing documents is a really time-consuming process. Generally, documents are kept subject/ case wise or alphabetically. Even such a well-managed system would ultimately have human errors, and retrieving and depositing such documents could be time consuming and painful. Many surveys have suggested that much of the employees’ time is wasted in finding the documents and the resources already present in the office. You might think that it should not be such a big problem, but a large workforce, even if spending a little time finding these documents, results in much wastage of money in terms of productivity. Finance

The time spent searching and depositing the documents back could be better utilized in doing the core function for which the employee was selected, which would increase efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in increased productivity. This inference can only be taken out if the managers value the employee’s time in monetary form. Also, in the physical, it is quite easy to manipulate the files and documents. All these are the loopholes of the orthodox way of keeping files. Now some forward-looking organizations, to save not only hours but also money, have adopted Document Managing Services.


A central database is constructed by a Database Management system, which stores the electronic images of the paper files by scanning them. The system can save it in multiple formats ranging from document-based formats to image-based. Written documented communication makes the communication system much more complex, thus can be replaced by this. There are innumerable advantages of this over the traditional methods.

Regulatory compliance is one such benefit. DMS provides audit trails, recovery of documents, password and security control, systematized storage, retrieval, making sure no data is lost or tampered with and perfectly backs the validity of the organization’s claims. It is a good evidence system for governmental regulations and is widely accepted.

Easier Retrieval of Data: The data can be retrieved by the efficient searches which are made inside DMS, and you can get correct results sitting in your chair, that too within a jiffy. Also, these files are much easier to access; on the other hand, paper documents have to be looked for in different places, which takes time.

Security and Savings: The access towards a particular file or folder can be restricted, even inside the same organization with a password protecting the files and sharing the password in a controlled manner. A document can be made read-only, and the editing can be restricted to certain individuals, unlike paper documents, which can be taken away and manipulated easily. The DMS does save not only your time but also the cost of storage and retrieval.

Environment friendly: DMS is a software and hence does not demand any additional paper consumption. It makes copies in the software itself and discourages paper documentation; this is a big step towards saving the environment.

Back-Ups: A DMS has many back-ups, so even if the files are corrupted or deleted innocently, it can easily be recovered by the options provided in the software. There is no chance of documents or images getting lost, and with a full-text search mechanism, it is effortless to find a file. In the end, physical documents may get burnt, torn, wet, or destroyed very easily, and replicating them could be a challenge.

Special Assistance: Some data and document intensive firms like Document Management Services.

Better Communication: Inter-departmental communication and communication with customers or vendors might include sharing documents like Invoices, presentations, etc., which could be a headache if it was in the physical form. Creating and sharing through DMS becomes extremely easy.
Not only this, all these benefits results in increased productivity and customer satisfaction, all of this at a nominal price for an organization.

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