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2021 Communication Trends That You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Technology is constantly changing, and, as a result, so is the communications industry. Communication means the various systems used for sending information. When the multiple systems constantly change, your business will have to change, too, or you won’t be able to communicate. This is why the communications industries need to keep up to date.

New tools are released (what seems like!) constantly, so it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. Therefore, we can try to plan by looking at the best 2021 communication trends, which you cannot afford to ignore.

2021 Communication Trends That You Can’t Afford To Ignore

1. Chatbots

This isn’t by any means a new thing, but they are getting increasingly popular. The chatbot is an automated replying system that can autonomously handle simple customer service problems. This allows your customer services to operate 24/7 and can take the pressure off your onsite staff, as the chatbot can label questions it can’t answer for specific departments to pick up.

Allowing you to operate your customer services 24/7 will allow you to expand your customer base into the global market. You will be able to engage with customers from other time zones. It should also boost customer satisfaction, as you are always there to help.

2. Inbound Call Routing

Again, this isn’t a new phenomenon, but Inbound Call Routing can be crucial to operating an adept communications system. Routing can ensure that customers are put through to the right person to handle their query or, at the very least, label a question with its subject matter.

Inbound call routing allows you to route your calls online through management tools, which will enable you to completely control your customer service. These services can be integrated into your preexisting infrastructure, meaning no physical setup and setup costs – perfect for adapting through a pandemic!

3. Analytics

One thing that has seen a massive boom lately is analytics, a data-gathering tool that analyses information about your consumers to look at trends and behaviors. This has particularly been useful while people have been working remotely, as it has also allowed employers to see the rate at which comms operators are replying to similar queries. This will enable you to set up an FAQ page to relieve some of your communications team’s pressure.

Analytics can show customer transactional data, how a product is used, complaints, compliments, chat transcripts, customer demographics, customer preferences, and so much more. In short, analytics can allow you to analyze your employees’ and your consumers’ behavior, allowing you to make goals for your business’s future.

These are just a few trends that look like they will continue to grow well into 2021. It’s all about predicting where the industry will go and constantly adapting as technology changes to communications. There will undoubtedly be more technological advances than these four examples, but implementing small changes like these can go a long way toward helping your adaptability.

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